ACITC begins meetings with Mr. Ismael Cremer as chair on August 26 (3:30 p.m. Skurla Room 206). 

Approximately $13.5K in minigrant funds were disbursed this past spring. There were a total of 11 proposals submitted and the committee was able to fund or partially fund 7 of them.The 2010-2011 recipients were spread across the campus, both faculty and staff, and included: S. Becker, Business; K. Turner and C. Fausnaugh, Library/Business; M. Splitt, DMES; J. Pritchard, Psychology; K. Mitra, MAE; Steven Lazarus, DMES; and T. Petersen, Arts and Communication.  The committee would like to congratulate all the winners! If you missed this year's allocations -- it's not too early to begin thinking about submitting a proposal next year! If you have any questions regarding the minigrants, contact the ACITC chair at icremer@fit.edu

Who We Are

The Academic Information Technology Committee (ACITC) serves as an advisory committee to the Information Technology Executive Committee (ITEC). The committee consists of representatives (faculty and staff) from across the University community including all colleges, the library, information technology, online learning and web services.


The ACITC prepares recommendations on computing and networking technologies for instructional and research computing and promotes faculty use of new information technologies.

Computer Use Policies

Confused about what is allowable in terms of internet activity (e.g., downloads)?  Visit the IT policy webpage at: http://itpolicies.fit.edu/.

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