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Kevin Shah

Kevin Shah


Hometown: Born in Godhra, Gujarat but grew up in Kolkata, West Bengal both in India

Age: 21

Current Academic Standing: Senior

Current Member of: Student Government Association (President) , Indian Student Association- Sanskriti, UNITE

What's your favorite book on leadership? I don’t believe in leadership books. I believe in starting at the lowest level and climbing up and learning on the way. Also reading autobiographies of great leaders is something that play a very good guiding role.

What is the hardest Thing about being a leader at Florida Tech? The hardest aspect about being a leader at Florida Tech is to be able to successfully combine the diverse interests of all students to make something appealing to everyone alike. One of the most diverse group of students one could lead.

What advice you would give someone who wants to become a leader? Being a good follower first is important to learn to be a good leader. At the same time observe other’s mistakes and learn from them, learn from your own mistakes and do not rush it, be sure you can take the responsibility. And once you take the responsibility confidently execute it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice.

When you’re not putting time into an organization, how do you relax from all this? I hang out with friends, watch movies, go out exploring. Just the basic stuff, to me extra-curricular is another form of relaxation.

 "A true genius is one who makes mistakes, and never repeats them."