Fall 2016 Events & Workshops

Academic Consultations

October 24 through November 4
Academic Support Center

Want to IMPROVE YOUR NOTE-TAKING SKILLS but not sure where to start? Need to GET BETTER EXAM GRADES but feel like you’re missing something?

The Academic Support Center is offering one-on-one consultations to review students’ notes and provide feedback on how to improve study methods and create effective review materials, both in and out of the classroom.

Appointments available through the first week of November. Call 321-674-7110 or email to reserve your time.

Countdown to Finals

Sunday, November 5 - 3PM to 4PM
Evans Pavilion P133

This ASC workshop is targeted to all interested undergraduates not enrolled in ASC 1000 University Experience or ASC 1005 Strategies for Success. ASC 1000 University Experience and ASC 1005 Strategies for Success will include this material. 

Final exams are less than a month away and there’s so much to be done! Course projects, term papers, review sessions, and all of the day-to-day responsibilities can create stress that can sabotage your ability to do well on your tests.

Planning a study schedule and reviewing course materials early can alleviate stress and set you up for your best finals week ever. Join the ASC staff and learn how to reduce test anxiety, ask the helpful questions during the in-class review, and take advantage of all university resources to do well on final exams.