Examination Procedures

ASC Policy for Finals

Due to limited testing facilities, only those students who have documents on file with the ASC that specifically dictate a need for testing accommodations will be permitted to sit for finals at the Academic Support Center. Make-up finals or finals taken before the date they are to be given for students who do not have a documented need for testing accommodations will not be scheduled at the ASC during finals week.

For Students Receiving Accommodations through Disability Services

If a student receives accommodations such that it is necessary for the student to complete assessments (quizzes, tests, and exams) at the Academic Support Center, the student assumes the following responsibilities. Similarly, if a student must make up an assessment due to extenuating circumstances (illness or verified bsence), the student must also assume the following responsibilities.

When the student is notified of the time/date of the assessment to be given in the classroom AND the student chooses to utilize accommodations, it is the student's responsibility to speak with the instructor well before the date of the assessment. The student should remind the instructor of the accommodation or make-up situation, and both the instructor and the student should come to an agreement as to the time and date for the student to take the assessment at the Academic Support Center.

For Students with Verified Documentated Absences approved by the Academic Support Center

The student must provide documentation to the Academic Support Center to receive approval for a make-up assessment at the Academic Support Center. Once documentation is approved the student and the instructor should come to an agreement as to the time and date for the student to take the assessment at the Academic Support Center

Examination Procedures for All Students at the Academic Support Center

Once the student and professor have discussed the appropriate date and time for the assessment, the student must make a Testing Appointment at our website at fit.edu/asc under the General Links "Testing Appointment" at least 48 hours (two days) prior to the desired date for the assessment. For students whose accommodations explicitly designate the need for a reader or scribe, appointments for assessments should be scheduled at least 72 hours (three days) prior to the assessment.

Assessments in the Academic Support Center cas be scheduled between 8AM and 12PM, and between 1PM and 5PM, Monday through Friday. All assessments must be completed by 5PM. A Testing Appointment is required for all assessments; walk-ins will not be accepted. Questions on how to make a testing appointment online please contact Michael Sanchez at (321) 674-7110 or at sanchez@fit.edu.

The student must arrive on time on the date that the assessment is scheduled. A student may not reschedule the assessment without approval of the instructor. The student must bring all necessary materials allowed for the assessment (pencil, pen, calculator, etc.) and be prepared to begin the assessment at the appointed time.

The student is not permitted to have any recording or communication devices (laptops, phones, cameras, etc.) in the testing areas. Students who are found to have these devices with them during the assessment will not be permitted to complete the assessment, and the assessment will be turned over to the instructor of record for disciplinary action.

Students are expected to abide by the Academic Honesty Policy in the use of services at the Academic Support Center.

Reasons for Denial of Services

All students must adhere to the university’s Academic Honesty Policy during use of the Academic Support Center (ASC).  Academic dishonesty is not tolerated. Any breach of the academic honesty policies will be reported to course professors and department. Descriptions of Academic Integrity and Academic Dishonesty may be viewed at: https://www.fit.edu/current/documents/plagiarism.pdf. Descriptions, repercussions  and procedures are described in the Student Handbook under Academic Honesty (http://www.fit.edu/studenthandbook/print.php#policy_2490).

The following are examples of Issues that will be reported and cause for future denial of the ASC services:

  • Use of electronic devices during exams (when not expressly approved by the professor or department).
  • Making copies of exams (written, or electronic versions)
  • Sharing test questions or answers from an exam with another student
  • Letting another student copy a solution to a homework problem, exam, or lab
  • Taking an exam for another student
  • Assistance in any act of academic dishonesty of another student


You can call 1-(321)-674-8009 with questions or concerns.