Academic Support Center

Direct instructional assistance is provided to Florida Tech students by the Academic Support Center (ASC). The ASC provides free one-on-one tutoring in all required first year courses and many other undergraduate courses. The ASC also offers small weekly study groups and a library of self-help materials.

Our current activities include the following:

  • One-to-one, one-hour tutoring sessions in most undergraduate courses, particularly chemistry, computer science, and physics.
  • One-to-one assistance in English, writing, and speech courses from English instructors who will aid the student in improving communication skills by suggesting exercises, answering questions, and reviewing written work.
  • Study groups of three or more students who meet weekly with one tutor for group help and support in a single subject.
  • Supplemental viewing of videotapes as arranged by the instructor.
  • Disability services.
  • Programmed self-help materials in chemistry, statistics, English grammar, speed reading, and study skills.
  • Placement and advanced standing examinations.
  • Counseling students when they need help with their studies or with campus life as it relates to their studies.
  • Student success courses (ASC 1000 University Experience and ASC 1005 Strategies For Success).
  • Midterm progress reports.
  • Liaison between students and academic units.
  • Student opinion survey of both academic and support services offered by the university.
  • Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society.