Meet the Staff


Rodd Newcombe, Director  Ext. 7110  -

Rodd assists students regarding class/instructor conflicts, uncertainty regarding college major choice, college adjustment, or issues resulting in academic probation status.

Associate Director, Veronica Giguere

Veronica Giguere, Associate Director - Ext. 7115 -

Veronica manages issues specifically relating to peer tutoring, campus academic resources, time management, and peer tutoring assessment. During the Fall and Spring semesters, she coordinates and leads academic resource workshops to help students improve time management, note-taking, and exam skills. Veronica coordinates peer tutor certification for ASC tutors and manages the ASC blog, Facebook page, and Twitter feed to inform the campus regarding upcoming group studies and academic workshops.

Shirley Czekanski, Administrative Assistant II
Ext. 7110 -


Administrative Assistant  I
Ext. 8009 -   


Marcia Denius, Professor

Prof. Denius assists students with their grammar and writing skills, and she edits student essays in all subjects. She also leads seminars throughout the semester, reviewing the basics of grammer, the rhetorical modes, writing research papers, and writing for different disciplines.