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The following posts are not affiliated with Florida Tech, but are only job posting opportunities for BCBAs and BCaBAs.

9/9 BCBAs and BCaBAs needed in FL, CA, and TX

Positive Behavior Supports Corporation (PBS Corp) is the premier provider of applied behavior analysis services across the state of Florida and have recently expanded to North Texas and San Francisco, CA. We specialize in providing behavior analysis se...

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9/9 Program Supervisor needed in CA

PROGRAM SUPERVISOR Easter Seals Bay Area Autism Services   Multiple Positions Available in the following Northern California cities: Pleasant Hill, San Jose, Hayward, Fairfield, Oakland, Santa Rosa, and...

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9/9 Clinical Manager needed in CA

CLINICAL MANAGER Easter Seals Bay Area Autism Services   Multiple Positions Available in the following Northern California cities: Pleasant Hill, San Jose, Hayward, Fairfield, Oakland, Santa Rosa, and B...

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9/9 Behavior Interventionist needed in CA

BEHAVIOR INTERVENTIONIST  Easter Seals Bay Area  Autism Services   Multiple Positions Available in the following Northern California cities: Pleasant Hill, San Jose, Hayward, Fairfield, Oaklan...

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9/9 ABA Staff needed in Indiana

ABA Therapists   The Applied Behavior Center for Autism currently employs more than 125 full-time therapists who have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a related field, such as psychology. In addition, w...

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BCBAs and BCaBAs for Orlando & Dubai

Now Hiring! BCBA’s and BCaBA’s for Orlando & Dubai!   Behavioral Support Services is an Orlando-based agency looking for dynamic BCBA's and BCaBA's that want the freedom to design their own schedule, supervise intensi...

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The following individuals and or agencies have asked that we list them as offering supervision services, as defined and outlined by the BACB. This supervision may be provided either in immediate physical proximity with the supervisee, or from a distance via audio/visual electronic communication, or both.

Some of the listed individuals may provide instruction and/or other services through the Florida Tech Online Program, but the services offered herein have no relation whatsoever with Florida Tech or ABA Technologies Inc. By listing the names below, Florida Tech and ABA Technologies are offering no information, opinion or validation of the scope, quality, immediacy of availability, or continuity of supervision offered by the listed individual. Supervision services are not provided either directly through or in partnership with Florida Tech or ABA Technologies.

Anyone interested in obtaining ABA-based supervision from one of the individuals listed below should contact that individual directly, determine if the individual meets their supervision needs, and thereafter maintain future contact outside of the auspices of the Florida Tech continuing education program. All financial arrangements are to be made between the interested parties, and have no relationship whatsoever with either Florida tech or ABA Technologies.

Florida Tech and ABA Technologies bear no liability for any action resulting from any supervisory relationship or other contacts resulting from the use of this list by any party.

This listing is provided strictly as an informal service to our students, and should not be considered as an endorsement of any kind.

Alice M. Walkup

Alice believes that in order to make the most out of supervision, one must experience a variety of environments, clients, and behavior change procedures that challenge clinical skills while having appropriate support and mentorship. She began working with preschool children with autism in 2004, using ABA-based strategies. She continued her work using ABA-based interventions in private homes, community, and public and private school settings. Alice has worked with individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders, anxiety/school refusal, visual and hearing impairments, oppositional defiant disorder, ADHD, intellectual disabilities, bi-polar disorder, and Down’s Syndrome, among others. As a clinical supervisor she has performed assessments, developed intervention plans, and trained parents, teachers, and staff.

This experience has shaped her approach to implementing evidence-based interventions in real-world settings. She is particularly passionate about applied research on early intensive behavior intervention, social skills, communication, and ethical practice. Alice volunteers her time with organizations emphasizing evidence-based practice, and has presented her research at a number of national conferences. She can be reached at


Dorothy Ranew, MEd, BCBA

Dorothy Ranew, MEd, BCBA

Footprints Therapy LLC

Dorothy Ranew, MEd, BCBA and founder of Footprints Therapy LLC, is a behavior analyst providing both remote and on-site BCBA supervision. With ten years expirience in the field of special needs, Dorothy is qualified in implementing individual therapy settings and providing in-home therapy services. An award-winning Cilinc Specialist for the Marcus Autism Center's Early Intervention program (Atlanta, GA), Dorothy has sucessfully developed behavior programs for children with severe autism while helping young adults transition from a clinical setting into the wider community. “My goal is to provide supervision to others by using the knowledge I have gained through my experiences.” Dorothy Ranew, MEd, BCBA. To contact FOOTPRINTS THERAPY call (404)671-­8565 or visit

Easter Seals

Easter Seals

South Florida

Easter Seals South Florida Provides Supervision to individuals seeking board certification in Behavior Analysis (BCBA or BCaBA).  This is an exciting opportunity to be part of our Behavior team, providing behavioral support for children, students, families, and staff.

For more information, contact:

Camila Rocha, Director of Education

Call: (305) 547-4727


Global Autism Project

Global Autism Project

Contact: Ann Beirne

Looking for a unique supervision experience? Want to find out more about behavior analysis around the world? The Global Autism Project provides distance supervision to those seeking board certification in behavior analysis (BCBA or BCaBA). This exciting endeavor complements our organization's mission: to build local capacity in the treatment of autism spectrum disorder in underserved communities worldwide. Our certification program includes individual sessions, focused on the specific needs of the students, as well as group meetings, in which supervisees will have the opportunity to learn with and from our service partners working in countries such as Malaysia and Kenya. Many of these service partners are working in areas where awareness is minimal and services scarce. You will have the opportunity to gain a uniquely cultural sensitive experience with those affecting the availability of services on a global scale. If you would like to find out more about our program, you can check our website or email us at

Click here to view an informational video about Global Autism Project and what they do!

Han-Leong Goh (Han)

Han-Leong Goh (Han)


Han-Leong Goh (Han), Ph.D., BCBA-D is available to provide supervision to fulfill supervision requirements of the BACB. Han received his Ph.D. in psychology (Applied Behavior Analysis) from the University of Florida, working with Dr. Brian Iwata. He spent a year under a postdoctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins University school of medicine, working with Dr. Cathleen Piazza. He has been a practicing behavior analyst for over 20 years with interests in functional analysis and function-based treatment of behavior disorders and has worked with children and adults presenting with a wide variety of challenging diagnoses. Han has 14 publications in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, including 4 first-author publications, and has served as guest reviewer since 1994. Currently, his practice includes assessment and treatment of behavior disorders among adults and children diagnosed with autism and other developmental delays. Han also provides skills acquisition training via ABLLS-R and VB-MAPP for children diagnosed with autism. He also has experience providing BACB supervision. Han can be reached at

IBT Supervision

IBT Supervision

For IBT Commercial, click here.

The key to your success as a future behavior analyst effective supervision. IBT Supervision is a distance supervision experience that provides over twenty years of experience to cultivate the best candidates to become behavior analysts, you.

At the highest ethical standards and extensive years of experience, IBT offers you a special individualized or group session supervision experience with one of their 65 BCBAs around the country. Discuss your specific cases or topics on the BACB task list with your IBT supervisor to cover the requirements to be eligible for the BACB exam.

Benefits of choosing IBT as your primary supervision provider is the ease of guiding you through your requirements online, or at one of their twenty national or international locations. Added to your individualized supervision, IBT also offers supervisees added curriculum tools free during supervision that come with progress tracking and analytics with a real time analytics. An excellent supervision experience just became affordable.

All of this and more, available at competitive rates and pose for payment plans as well.

For more information please contact or call 1-858-278-6603 ext. 31

Lindsay Hilsen


Lindsay Hilsen is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, currently pursuing a doctorate in special education, that has over ten years of working with children on the Autism Spectrum. Her educational background consists of having a masters in special education and an additional one in education. She also has a teaching certification in special education, elementary education, and holds her NJ supervisors certification. Mrs. Hilsen’s experience in this autism field consists of being an Applied Behavior Analysis teacher for Pre-K-K in a NJ public school, a behavior analyst for Pre-K-12th grade in a NJ public school, and currently she is The Autism Clinical Educator for an Early Intervention Company in NJ. Lindsay Hilsen has presented over 30 workshops in which include presenting at the Association for Behavior Anaylst International's annual convention and at NJ Autism's annual convention. In addition, she is a twice published international author of two autism curriculums entitled A Step by Step Curriculum for Early Learners with Autism Spectrum Disorders and A Step by Step ABA Curriculum for Young Learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Michael E. Kelley

Michael E. Kelley


Michael E. Kelley, Ph.D., BCBA-D is available to provide online supervision for those pursuing supervised hours toward the BCaBA and the BCBA certifications. He is an associate professor at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and Director of the Severe Behavior Disorders Program. Dr. Kelley serves as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. His research interests include assessment and treatment of severe behavior problems, early intervention, and translational research. He can be reached at

Rethink First

Rethink First

BCBA Supervision

Rethink BCBA supervision with our expert and personable supervision program, offering supervision to national and international candidates seeking certification in behavior analysis.

The use of technology allows for distance supervision through video conferencing, email, and video review. With Rethink, candidates gain access to Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB®) approved supervision with multiple supervisors, as recommended by the Board. Candidates also receive access to proprietary curriculum content, over 1,500 video based exercises, expert authored online resources, and a library of documents.


  • fun and efficient supervision experience
  • supervision from anywhere in the world
  • access to our proprietary ABA tools
  • video examples of techniques
  • expert authored online resources
  • and a library of documents

Download the Information Packet here or apply now.
For additional information, request it here.

Sarah Bertrand-Zelaya


Sarah Bertrand-Zelaya, M.Ed, BCBA is the owner/founder of Putting the Pieces Together Behavioral Therapy, LLC located in Naples, Florida. Sarah completed her BCBA coursework through Florida Tech’s certification program in 2011. Sarah has 10 years of experience in ABA and special education beginning as an Early Intervention ABA therapist for children with Autism Spectrum Disabilities and other developmental disabilities. Since beginning in the field Sarah has worked in multiple settings including in-home, daycares, community settings, and public and private schools. She has worked with children ages 18 months – 18 years, however the majority of her experience is in elementary ages. Sarah has recently expanded her knowledge and expertise to provide therapy/treatment for children with Emotional-Behavioral Disabilities. Sarah has successfully developed and implemented behavior programs/plans as well as skill acquisition protocols. In addition to working directly with children with special needs, over the past year Sarah has begun providing supervision for BCaBA’s and students currently enrolled in ABA coursework seeking certification. Sarah provides direct face-to-face supervision in Southwest Florida as well as online supervision around the globe. Please visit or email Sarah at for more information.


William "Tim" Courtney


William "Tim" Courtney, MS, BCBA is the research and training director for Little Star Center, (LSC) is a clinic based ABA setting providing therapy to individuals diagnosed with autism. Tim Courtney is also a co-instructor for FIT’s professional development program in ABA and a PhD candidate at Purdue University. Tim has six years of experience providing direct and remote supervision to help professionals meet BACB standards and achieve BCBA or BCaBA certification. Tim’s approach to supervision is to work with supervisees to develop a portfolio consisting of several work products directly related to acceleration and deceleration programming for individuals with autism. Tim only takes one supervisee per year. If you are interested in supervision by Tim he can be reached at Tim Courtney offers these supervision services through his company only, and is not affiliated with Florida Tech.