Do you work with parents or teachers?

Learn how to assist parents, teachers, and paraprofessionals to implement the behavior change procedures you want to see!

Watch parenting modules and materials with an ABA approach to topics such as building relationships and ending arguing, lying, tantrums, and backtalk to assist you in preparing targeted behavior change plans.

CE Credits: 

  • 10 Type II CEs from ABA Technologies, Inc. (ACE Provider Number OP-02-0023). (Individual DVD Purchase required for CEs)
  • "The Secrets of Modern Parenting" Provider Workshop presented by: Karin Torsiello, MS, BCBA, Paula Leonardo, MS, BCBA, Angelique Walsh, MA, BCBA

Course Format : 

  • View course material online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Required participation in two live online meetings (see to the right for details)
  • Course instruction and meetings presented by qualified BCBA instructors

Required Materials: SMP DVD

  • Each participant will be required to purchase the "Secrets of Modern Parenting" DVD set, offered at a discounted rate of $99.00 (Does not include shipping.)
  • The DVD’s are resources that you will use for training parents and teachers.The course will provide additional information on how to use the DVD’s in the course completion process

The Topics covered include:

  • Building Relationships: The Cornerstone of The Secrets of Modern Parenting
    • Reduce children's behaviors to gain attention inappropriately.
  • Gaining Compliance in your home: turn "No" into "Yes"
    • Four major reasons children are not compliant
  • End Arguing: Put an End to Arguing in your home
    • How to eliminate the triggers for arguing
  • Eliminate Lying: Promote truthfulness
    • Strategies to reduce/eliminate lying
  • Extinguish Tantrums: Put an end to it altogether
    • Appropriate parent/educator response to tantrums
  • End Backtalk and Disrespect
    • Increasing the behaviors you want to see


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