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About the Hybrid Master of Arts in Professional Behavior Analysis

Florida Institute of Technology is proud to announce its latest behavior analysis degree program. Florida Tech is a Tier 1 National University as listed by US News and World Reports. The Behavior Analysis Programs at Florida Tech have built a solid worldwide reputation, offering degree and professional development programs since 1998. Now, by popular demand, Florida Tech is expanding the outreach of its degree programs by offering a hybrid Master of Arts program combining its ABA Online Professional Development Program with a 1-year in-residence component in collaboration with several leading ABA service agencies across the United States!

Why Florida Tech's M.A Program?

Our innovative practitioner-training hybrid program has the following advantages:

  • Earn your Florida Tech M.A. degree from one of the leading Behavior Analysis schools in the country in as little as 24 to 32 months while working full time in the field.
  • Explore this program to see if it’s the right program for you. Start the program at a low cost with minimal risk by beginning as a professional development student. Take one or more courses through Florida Tech’s ABA Online BCaBA® or BCBA® course sequence.
    • Begin our ABA Hybrid program in any of the four terms offered during the year.
      Terms begin: January, April, July and October.
  • Apply at ANY time to the M.A. program, before, during, or after completing the ABA Online course sequence listed above.
  • Take 24 credits of your required courses online.
  • Upon acceptance and matriculation, use credits you earned from the ABA Online course sequence to meet your graduation requirements for this hybrid program at no extra fee.
  • Once accepted, begin the in-residence component in any of the three, 15-week terms each academic year.
  • Master professional competencies and meet practicum requirements: Work directly with a full-time, Florida Tech faculty member at selected leading agencies across the United States for your in-residence component.

The Structure of the Hybrid M.A. Program

Our working relationships with local agencies will ensure a total integration of our academic curriculum with real-world hands-on practicum and project experience! Our latest BACB ® approved course sequence meets the new 2015 instructional requirements for board certification.

Part 1: ABA Online Requirements (12 to 18 Months)
ABA Online BCBA Course Sequence 18
ABA Online Professional Curriculum 6
Total Credits 24


Part 2: In-Residence Requirements (12 Months)
In-Residence Professional ABA Curriculum 9
In-Residence Professional ABA Practicum 9
Capstone Project 3
Guided Review & Final Program Examination N/A
Total Credits 21

BACB® Pre-Approved Curriculum

  • The Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB®) has approved our BCBA® course sequence as meeting the new 2015 instructional requirements for certification.
  • The first 12 credits of the BCBA® course sequence are approved by the BACB® as meeting the instructional requirements for BCaBA® certification.
  • Those who have completed our 3rd edition BCaBA® or BCBA® course sequences can apply some, if not all, of these courses toward graduation requirements.

In-residence Term

2015              Term Start Date End Date
  Spring January 5 April 18
  Summer May 4 August 15
  Fall August 31 December 12

Interested in Applying?

For more information about the hybrid Master of Arts in Professional Behavior Analysis program contact us at aba_pma@fit.edu.

The following hybrid courses need to be completed in addition to the BCBA Course Sequence.

BEHP5020A: Behavior-Based Safety (Prereq: 5013 & 5017A)

Required Texts:

  • McSween, T. E. (2003). The Values-Based Safety Process, 2nd ed. 

BEHP5020B: Theory and Application of Verbal Behavior (Prereq: 5013)

Required Texts:

  • Petursdottir, A. I., & Carr, J. E. (2011). A Review of Recommendations for Sequencing Receptive and Expressive Language Instruction. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 44, 859-876.
  • Plavnick, J. B., & Normand, M. P. (2013). Functional Analysis of Verbal Behavior: A Brief Review. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 46, 349-353.
  • Vandbakk, M., Arntzen, E., Gisnaas, A., Antonsen, V., & Gundhus, T. (2012). Effect of Training Different Classes of Verbal Behavior to Decrease Aberrant Verbal Behavior. The Analysis of Verbal Behavior, 28, 137-144.

BEHP5020C: Advanced Topics in Autism (Prereq: 5013)

Required Texts:

  • Grow, L. L., Carr, J. E., Kodak T. M., Jostad, C. M., & Kisamore, A. N. (2011) A Comparison of Methods for Teaching Receptive Labeling to Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 44, 475-498.
  • Stromer, R., Mackay, H. A., & Remington, B. (1996). Naming, the Formation of Stimulus Classes, and Applied Behavior Analysis. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 29, 409-431.
  • MacDonald, R., Sacramone, S., Mansfield, R., Wiltz, K., & Ahearn, W. H. (2009). Using Video Modeling to Teach Reciprocal Pretend Play to Children with Autism. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 42, 43-55.*

BEHP5020D: Behavioral Systems Analysis (Prereq: 5013 & 5017)

Required Texts:

  • Rummler, G. A., & Brache, A. P. (2013). Improving Performance: How to Manage the White Space on the Organizational Chart, 2nd ed. 

BEHP5020E: Research Consumption (Prereq: 5013)

BEHP5021: Coordinating Behavior Analysis with Psychiatric and Other Medical Services (Prereq: 5013)

Required Texts:

  • McKim, W. A., & Hancock, S. (2012). Drugs & behavior: An introduction to behavioral pharmacology.Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.
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Applied Behavior Consultants, Inc.

Sacramento, California

Comprehensive Autism Center, Inc.

San Diego, California

Center for Autism & Related Disorders

Los Angeles, California

STE Consultants

San Francisco, California

Faison School for Autism

Richmond, Virginia

Virginia Institute of Autism

Richmond, Virginia

Hope Reach

Woodruff, South Carolina