Are you interested in the opportunity to earn scholarships for your organization?

With every ten employees that take the same course, an organization will receive a scholarship for the eleventh person. This does not have to be during the same term or even the same year.

For example,

If you have 4 people in July and 6 people in October attend the BEHP5011 course, you would get one scholarship for the BEHP5011 course to use whenever you choose.

Please ask your staff to include your company name when they register for their courses, or you can send us a list of your employees who have taken our courses, and we can verify that they are listed under your company so that you get proper credit for them.

An additional benefit available for organizations is, if you have 10 students and would like them to attend their weekly online meeting together, an online meeting can be set up specifically for your organization at a time of your choosing. That does not mean that they have to be in the same physical location. They can attend from anywhere that they have better-than-dial-up Internet access or, if your staff members are spread out and have varied schedules, they can choose from one of the many online meetings that are offered.

Please note that employees must be employed by the company when they pay and begin taking a course for that course registration to count toward company scholarships.

Rewards Program FAQ

  • One scholarship registration for every 10 paid registrations for a specific course within our BEHP certification series courses. These registrations can be accumulated across multiple terms.
  • Any organization with 10 students enrolled in the same course for the same term can request a specific online meeting time to attend together, at a time of your choosing based on the availability of a co-instructor.