If you are currently taking a course, please do not order your transcripts until you receive notification that final grades have been posted. If your transcript request is submitted before final grades are posted, your transcript will not contain your grade(s) for the current term and you will have to pay for another transcript to be processed. Students with holds on their accounts will not be able to order transcripts until all holds have been removed.

*Please note: As of May 1, 2012, the BACB requires that you send your sealed transcript with your completed application packet. 

Requesting Official Transcripts for the ABA Online Program

You can request official transcripts online, by post or by fax. Please see below. For further information, contact the Continuing Education registration staff at 1-321-674-8382, option 2.

Please note: All overnight requests need to be sent by fax.

Transcript Details
By Post

By Fax
Sending to the BACB?

Transcript Details

  • Please allow five to seven business days for your transcript request to be processed. Allow additional time during peak periods immediately preceding and following each term.
  • The BACB has requested that all transcripts be sent to them by you when submitting your completed application packet.
  • Additional charges will apply for overnight requests (request must be made by fax).
  • The BACB processes documents in the order in which they are received. Your transcript must arrive in the same package with your other application materials. We cannot send transcripts directly to the BACB.
  • We are unable to email or fax transcripts.

Order Your Transcript Online


Please note: All overnight requests need to be completed by fax.

  1. Go to the registration website to order your transcripts. Click here.
  2. Complete the issue-to information: Input the name and address for the transcript to be sent to.
  3. Check the box for “I have read the refund policy."
  4. Click the add-to-cart button.
  5. Log in and check out.

    *Please note: You will need to remove any expired items from your shopping cart to activate the check-out button.


Order Your Transcript by Mail 

Please note: All overnight requests need to be completed by fax.

  1. Complete the Noncredit Request for Transcript form.
  2. Mail the completed request form with payment to:
    Florida Institute of Technology
    Office of Continuing Education
    150 W. University Blvd.
    Melbourne, FL 32901
  3. Transcript requests are $10 per copy; make all checks payable to Florida Institute of Technology.


Order Your Transcript by Fax (Includes Overnight Option) 

Please note: All overnight requests need to be completed by fax.

  1. Complete the Noncredit Request for Transcript form.
  2. Be sure to include your credit card number and expiration date.
  3. Leave the toal amount blank so that we may fill in the overnight shipping charges.
  4. Send your request by fax to the Office of Continuing Education at 1-321-674-7050.

If you request overnight delivery, this will not reduce the standard processing time (five to seven business days) for transcript requests. It will only affect the shipping speed of your order.

Sending your transcript to the BACB?

The board has requested that all transcripts be included by you when submitting your completed application packet.

Do not open the transcript envelope if the back is sealed with the registrar’s signature and has the following message stamped on the envelope: “This transcript is official only if received in a sealed envelope bearing the signature of the registrar.” Orders of one to two transcripts may be mailed this way if both are going to a United States address.

Orders with multiple transcripts will have each transcript individually sealed in separate envelopes (with the signature of the registrar); the envelopes will be placed together in a larger mailing envelope. You may open the larger mailing envelope.


Do not break the seal that has the registrar’s signature. The envelope with the seal will contain your transcript that you will forward to the BACB with your completed application packet. If the seal is broken, the board will not accept it as official.

The board has stated that they will not accept transcripts directly from us.