Panther Access Card Advantages

  • Because you already carry your Panther Access Card for numerous campus services, using your ID card instead of cash or check is more convenient.

  • Using your Panther Account is one of the fastest way to get through lines.

  • No worries about bouncing checks; no need to carry credit cards or cash.

  • Tracking your spending is easy with your Panther Account. Just request a statement of transactions from the Campus Services Office or you can also go on-line and see up to a 6 month history of your transactions.

  • Your money is safe; any balance in your account will roll over to the next semester.

  • Food Services, the campus bookstore, and selected laundry locations offer special discounts and promotions to Panther Account users.

  • Parents can be assured that money deposited into their student's account is used for campus needs. With the Students permission parents can log into and make deposits the the students Panther Account good everywhere on campus.

  • If your ID card is lost or stolen you can log into the On-line deposit site and turn your card off for protection. If you find it you can turn it back on. Use this link to access your card.  ID Card Access

  • Using the On-line deposit site you can setup a low balance warning on your Panther account to notify you or your parents you have a low balance and need money by e-mail.