Panther ID Card

Currently the Florida Tech ID Card provides the following services:

  • Student / Faculty / Staff ID Card
  • Meal Plan Card
  • Panther Debit Card
  • For Flight Students access to their Flight Instruction Plan
  • Library Card
  • Lab Printing Card
  • Student fee-supported activities access
  • Check authorization
  • Registration Card
  • Electronic door access when provided
  • Clemente Center for Sports and Recreation access
  • On-line ID Card Request for first time students is available with a photo upload.

The Panther Card has a debit account program where you may pre-deposit funds into your account. allowing payment for numerous campus services including the purchase of:

  • All items at the bookstore
  • Full meals or light snacks at any of the dining facilities
  • Beverages and snacks from selected vending machines
  • Photocopies from copy machines in the library
  • Print jobs in the library and academic computing labs
  • Laundry facility use in the residence halls
  • Special services at the Health Center

Funds deposited into your Panther Accounts are always available. There are NO administrative charges and the money is only spent when you use your card.

Florida Tech students can access their ID cards online  thru this link.


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