ProTrack Co-op at Florida Tech

How ProTrack Works

Prospective students applying for admission to Florida Tech's College of Engineering and wishing to enroll in ProTrack should indicate so by checking the appropriate box on their admission application, which is available for download or completion online.

Additionally, interested students should attend the ProTrack Orientation Session held during Freshmen Orientation, as well as attend an Information Session held during the Fall semester.  The Information Sessions are conducted by the ProTrack Co-op Advisor and the ProTrack Academic Advisor in a small group setting so students can ask questions and get personal, detailed answers.

The first year is spent in classes at Florida Tech, where students build a strong foundation in the knowledge and skills needed for their first co-op job. Students must earn an average GPA of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale) in their academic studies their first year to begin ProTrack.

During the first year of study, ProTrack students take EPE-1000, Co-Op Prep, a comprehensive preparatory course focused on critical skills and strategies for success in choosing the right co-op and excelling in it. Topics include resume development, industry exploration, the job search, interview skills, and workplace issues.  With these skills in hand, students begin seeking co-op positions utilizing Panther Career Link (formerly Experience), Career Shift, and their own research, aided by the guidance, research and encouragment of their ProTrack academic adviser and co-op coordinator.

Co-op Coordinator:

Erin Minta

(321) 674-7179

ProTrack Academic Advisor:

Dr. Matthew Jensen

For more information, please visit: ProTrack Academic Advising