ProTrack Co-op at Florida Tech


Sydney SmeadSydney Smead

Chemical Engineering Intern


I applied for a bunch of internships and Co-op positions on Panther Career Link and Career Shift originally trying to find a summer position. Appleton called me after a little while and I signed on to participate in a Co-op program through the spring semester.

Appleton creates special papers. When I first got this position I didn’t understand how big an industry paper science was! Thankfully my advisors and coworkers helped me understand and learn what I needed to know. I had a lot of on the job training but my materials science and transport processes classes helped me out as well. There was a lot of transport involved with my co-op. I was in a giant production facility with pipes running everywhere and tanks of all kinds of materials. I lot of what I worked on was short term projects; I feel that those helped me learn my position faster.

The highlight of this co-op was all the wonderful people that I was around! They really made this experience fun and unforgettable. The Co-op program was well developed and I had really nice people around me. I can’t wait to see them again when I return next summer!

Technical Challenges:

• Statistical Analysis

• Mini-tab Software

• PowerPoint and Prezi presentations