ProTrack & Co-Op Student Resources

Current ProTrack Co-op Students - Working

Please remember to fulfill your co-op course requirements (Mid-Term Report or Position Information Form, Employer Evaluation and Final Report) by the deadlines given to you in your syllabus.  If you need assistance, or have any questions, please contact me at

ProTrack Co-op Students – EPE-1000 (Experiential Professional Education)

To be eligible for EPE-1000, you must have attended an Information Session offered in the fall term.  Freshmen in the College of Engineering are given priority placement in the course however the course is open to any freshman student who wants to pursue co-op opportunities while they are studying at Florida Tech.  Sophomores and above are permitted in the course when there are seats available.

Current EPE-1000 students: Please email your course instructor directly for questions regarding the class.

Do you have a co-op (or an internship) job offer you want to get credit for? Here’s How to Enroll in Co-op and Register for Credit:

You will need to have a job offer letter to begin the registration process.  Your academic advisor will also need to make a recommendation for you.  If you are an International student, you will also need to seek work authorization from the International Student Services Office (add the link to CPT information here). 

All students: Please follow these Steps:

Step 1 - Enrollment

  1. Log onto your profile in Panther Career Link and complete the “ProTrack Co-op Registration” section.  Completing this section will generate a series of approval emails.  
  2. The first email will be sent to your academic advisor, so please make sure you have their name and email spelled correctly.
  3. You will also be asked to upload your job offer letter.

NOTE: Completing this section on Panther Career Link does NOT register you for co-op with the University.

Step 2 – Registration

  1. Once all the approval emails are through the system, you will receive an email that will prompt you to make an appointment with the Co-op Advisor in Career Management Services to complete the manual registration process.  You can email for an appointment here (hyperlink my email to the word ‘here’
  2. For undergraduates, the co-op course awards between 1 and 3 credits based upon the hours worked per week.  (Graduate co-op is always zero credits.)  The Co-op Advisor will assign the credit award and the co-op course number when you come in to pick up your manual registration form.
  3. At your Registration appointment you will receive further instruction including the course syllabus and other information about the course requirements.  You can preview the course requirements for previous semesters here (hyper-link to the word ‘here’ the Current ProTrack Co-op Students – Working).  (Future hyper-link will be to the report guidelines, etc (forms).)
  4. International students will need to make time to complete their CPT application paper work with ISSS (link to CPT information). 

Step 3 – Financial Aid and Housing

  1. Students who are working full time and who also receive Federal Aid or other scholarships will need to make an advising appointment with their Financial Aid Advisor to discuss what impact working full time will have on their aid package.  Link to Financial Aid (Michele  Scott email).
  2. Students who will be working more than 40 miles away from Florida Tech can speak with the Housing department to inquire about contractual obligations.

Interested in co-op?  Seeking a co-op?  Become a part of the Applicant Pool!

If you are interested in being a co-op applicant you will want to begin by writing a strong resume, practicing your interviewing skills, and learning how to conduct a job search.  Career Management Services assists you with these.  Please see our list of services here (embedded link to the page of our services).

Once you are satisfied that your resume represents you, you will want to upload it to your Panther Career Link profile.  As well, please make sure the Co-op Advisor knows of your intent to co-op and that you are actively seeking co-op positions.  You can accomplish this by emailing the Co-op Advisor (hyperlink my email to my title), and attaching your resume in a Word document format.  Make sure you include the semester you are seeking work for, that is, indicate in the email if you are looking to co-op Summer 2015, Fall 2015, Spring 2016 etc.  This will get your profile into our pool of co-op applicants.  These resumes will be automatically sent to employers who contact us for co-op applicants (when the qualifications are a match).

You will also want to look for co-op job openings on your own.  Your Panther Career Link profile (link) will assist you in this, but there are several other job search sites that you can use (link to job search sights here).  In addition, Career Management Services is open from 8AM - 5PM Monday through Friday to assist you in your job search.  You can call or email for an advising session and we will connect you with a staff member who can assist you.