Employer Resources Florida Work Experience

FWEP is a program funded by the State of Florida which partners eligible students with employers in their major area of study. Students must be Florida Residents pursuing their first undergraduate degree and meet certain financial aid criteria to qualify. The basic guidelines are as follows:

  • The experience must enhance the intern's educational program
  • Employer pays wages and mandatory benefits, including Social Security to the intern as they would for any employee
  • Florida Tech reimburses off-campus employers 70% of the gross wages
  • The internship may continue for multiple semesters as long as the student remains eligible during the academic year
  • Interns may work up to twenty hours per week (they may work less as well) and have a maximum number of hours in a given semester based on their financial aid eligibility
  • Funding is limited by allocations from the State of Florida during the academic year (August-May)

If your organization is interested in participating in this program during the academic year, please contact Delicia Lewis or call 321-674-7575 for more details.

We will need a job description and a list of preferred majors for the position.

If you do hire an intern under this program we will need the following items on file before reimbursements can be issued for intern wages:

  • Copy of company W9 (taxpayer ID)
  • Signed Employer Agreement
  • Signed Student Work Authorization Card

Reimbursement is calculated off the Student Timesheets. Only timesheets with original signatures will be accepted. Please mail or hand-deliver timesheets to:

Florida Institute of Technology
Career Management Services
Attn: Delicia Lewis
150 W University Blvd
Melbourne, FL 32901