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Career Management Services provides career and job search services to Florida Institute of Technology students and alumni. Our mission is to help students in the development of career plans and job search skills. Career Management Services acts as a liaison among Florida Tech students, alumni, faculty, staff and employers.  

Career Management Services is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday (except holidays) and is located in Room 307 of the Florida Tech Commons Building.


Our office provides a variety of services to our students. On our main campus we provide:

  • Resume Reviews
  • Job Search Assistance
  • Interview Skills
  • Career Fairs
  • Special Career Events & Workshops

For online students we provide:

  • Email based resume reviews
  • Job Search Resources
  • Online Networking

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Student Profiles

Omar Dafterdar

Omar Dafterdar

Host a Panther Extern, Lockheed Martin, December 2015

This winter break, December 2015, I had the honor in having a one day externship in one of the well-known engineering companies in the US, Lockheed Martin. That tour opened my eyes into a lots of new things, such as how big the company is in addition to the number of projects and customers they deal with every day. On that day, we took a tour around one of their facilities that was located in Cape Canaveral, Florida. We witnessed one of the projects they were working on, which was refurbishing a rocket for the US Navy. On our tour, we met different engineers who worked in different areas working on a variety of tasks. They were able to show us around the rocket and explain to us what it did, how it worked, and what each and every part was. They also gave us a look on how the computer system inside the rocket worked. At the end, we had a quick tour around the facilities and around Kennedy Space Center, where we saw some of launch bays. If the opportunity let me do the externship again, I will definitely do it.

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