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Career Management Services provides career and job search services to Florida Institute of Technology students and alumni. Our mission is to help students in the development of career plans and job search skills. Career Management Services acts as a liaison among Florida Tech students, alumni, faculty, staff and employers.  

Career Management Services is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday (except holidays) and is located in Room 307 of the Florida Tech Commons Building.


Our office provides a variety of services to our students. On our main campus we provide:

  • Resume Reviews
  • Job Search Assistance
  • Interview Skills
  • Career Fairs
  • Special Career Events & Workshops

For online students we provide:

  • Email based resume reviews
  • Job Search Resources
  • Online Networking

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Student Profiles

Cody Harris

Cody Harris

Level 2 Manufacturing Engineer, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems

Finding a first job after college is a daunting task for any new graduate. At your commencement, you proudly shake Dr. Catanese’s hand and accept a hard-earned and glorious piece of paper. Your parents are proud; your professors applaud; and you are convinced, just for a moment, that the world has recognized your greatest accomplishment and you are now on the road to the career you daydreamed of for four years. Then you try to apply for a job, and the celebration comes to a crashing halt. None of your dream employers will even acknowledge your existence without experience – experience you can’t gain if employers won’t consider you. It feels like an endless catch-22, a never-ending cycle of application, denial, and frustration. At any given time you have dozens of applications under review, but begin to lose faith you’ll find anything in your field, and begin to question the value of the blood, sweat and tears that comprise your degree.

I went down this road, as no doubt the vast majority of graduates will. It doesn’t have to be this way. On the advice of a friend, I contacted FIT’s Career Services office and explained my predicament. I had applied to every major company in my field, and my application wasn’t event getting past the corporate recruiters. I felt my résumé looked great, documenting my academics, extensive design and research experience, multiple internships; I felt that any hiring manager considering new graduates would jump to interview me if I could just get through the recruiting layer. Career Services promptly reviewed my résumé and made numerous, albeit small, suggestions for changes. “Consolidate these sections, there’s no need to differentiate them. If you’re going to include this information in this section, explain how it relates to this section.” This was not a substantial re-write, but suggestions to help recruiters draw connections on my résumé that would help build me as a candidate. I was somewhat skeptical such seemingly minor changes could make an impact on what I was already convinced was a hopeless endeavor, but I complied on the correct belief that they knew what they were talking about.

The difference was night and day. Immediately, my applications were routinely being passed to hiring managers. I was one crucial step closer to achieving that dream. But, I was also entering a world with far more unknowns that I predicted. I had held numerous jobs, including internships and temporary positions, but they had done little to prepare me for the process that lay ahead: multiple interview levels and phone screenings, salary negotiations, benefit discussions, work relocation – there was a lot to learn and no time in which to do so. Thankfully I could turn to Career Services at any time, who were able to offer their advice for each new situation that arose, guiding me through the process and checking in with me routinely to make sure everything was still going smoothly with my applications. It was like having a phone-a-friend option for all of my job hunting etiquette questions.

Then came the last major hurdle. I discovered that almost every position with a major company is not filled by applicants from the general candidate pool that have applied online. Jobs are, with only rare exception, awarded by word of mouth and personal reference. Again I found this to be a catch-22: how could I have professional references if I had no professional experience with these companies? All of my advisers and principal investigators were in academia, how could I make contacts in the industry? This was the last piece of my application puzzle that Career Services helped arrange for me. Once they had interviewed me and could assess my candidacy for certain positions, they could utilize their own professional acquaintances to recommend me, to have my applications passed along and tracked through the corporate hiring system. Career Services and these “inside contacts” stayed in touch and continued to track my applications and keep me informed. They continued to help and support me through the offer and pre-employment discussions. For the first time since graduation, I felt like I was on my way to a career. Indeed, I was.

My name is Cody Harris. I am now a Level 2 Manufacturing Engineer working for Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems in the Global Manufacturing Special Projects department, and I owe that success in no small part to the diligence and skill of the Florida Tech Career Services office.

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