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Karolyn Burns

Karolyn Burns

Intern with the St. Johns River Water Management District

Major/Minor: Marine Biology & Conservation Ecology (Double major)
Employer: St. Johns River Water Management District
Location: Palm Bay
Duration: May-August 2012
Graduating: December 2012

Personal Story: I had done work for the St. Johns Water Management District during my freshman year with the lab I work in on an Ichtyoplankton project. When one of my advisors recommended I look at their site for an internship I found one and applied. This internship gave me a lot of experience with field work in river, lake, and estuary systems. I was tasked with collecting water quality samples, installing long term dissolved oxygen (DO) monitoring stations, collecting vegetation for water and soil research, measuring chlorophyll concentrations with a fluorometer, monitoring algae blooms and sea grass beds, calibrating equipment, and riding on air boats.

This internship was awesome! I received a very good recommendation from my manager and I know that the experience I gained from this will help me find a job as a fisheries biologist.

Technical Challenges:

  • Measured water quality with YSI instruments
  • Tracked Chlorophyll concentrations with a fluorometer
  • Monitored sea grass beds and algae blooms
  • Calibrated equipment
  • GIS tracking
  • Used field GPS devices