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Joe Bussenger

Joe Bussenger

Intern with Space Exploration Technologies

Major/Minor: Aerospace Engineering
Employer: Space Exploration Technologies
Location: Cape Canaveral Florida
Duration: May-Dec 2012
Graduating: May 2013

Personal Story: I am the president of the Student Rocket Society. We were looking for sponsorships last year when I met Scott Henderson, the Director of Mission Assurance with Space X. I asked him if Space X had any job openings or internship opportunities and got a job from talking with him.

I started working with customers in Mission Assurance but was “traded” to Launch Operations not long after starting. Currently I am working on design interfacing and liquid oxygen systems for the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy rockets.

The highlight of my internship was my first week. My first week there was a launch week and getting to see all the work that went into making a launch happen was exciting. The best part about that week was seeing the reactions of the other employees, knowing how much work they had put into the launch, and then finally getting to see it go- it was incredible. I came in at the best time possible.