College Roll

College Roll Positions are available to view online through HireTouch. Students interested in applying should log into Access Florida Tech and visit the Student Services page. A link to apply is available under General Information.

Students Switching from FWS to College Roll

When a student uses up their FWS funds they can be switched to College Roll without having the position posted. In order to do so please email in order to coordinate an end date for the FWS position with the start date for the College Roll position.

International Students

International Students are allowed to work in College Roll positions and the hiring process is mostly the same with very few differences.

  • EPAF’s hiring an International Student need to be routed to ISSS at the 60,60 level.
  • Students hired for the first time will need to complete a request form for their SSN

For questions regarding hiring an International Student please contact International Student and Scholar Services.