Federal Work Study

Please contact Kristiana Henkel at (321) 674-8846 or khenkel@fit.edu for questions concerning the Federal Work-Study Program.

What is Federal Work-Study?

Federal Work-Study Program is a federally funded program providing students with part-time employment. Only students who are awarded FWS in their finacial aid package are eligible for this program. FWS awards are made by the Financial Aid Office based on need and funds currently available. It is awarded through FAFSA so students interested in it are encouraged to fill it out as early as possible, indicating that they wish to receive Work-Study in order to be considered. There are many factors involved in determining who is awarded work-study so it is not guaranteed every year.

Unlike most financial aid where it is paid directly to the institution, Work-Study is paid to you as you earn it. The pay you will receive can be saved up and used for expenses you may incur as a student such as books, bills or social events.

The Florida Tech Work-Study Program has two options. On-Campus and Off-Campus jobs.

On-Campus jobs differ depending on the department, some positions are clerical helping support the office staff, some are a little more technical such as research and lab assistants. Overall there is a large variety of jobs so finding one that suits your needs and tastes shouldn't be a problem.Keep in mind that major related positions can go fast so there is no guarntee that you will get one. Pay in on-campus positions is variable starting at the state minimum wage of $7.93 and increases based on the type of job and work it requires.

Off-Campus position are available with various non-profit organizations. Pay for these positions is $9.00 an hour. Keep in mind students in these positions will need to provide themselves with transportation to their job site.

One thing you do need to keep in mind is that your work-study is a real job and you will be expected to take it seriously. Even though study is in the title of the program, you are not paid to study.

Important FWS Information for Incoming Students

Federal Work-Study Introduction Packet

Steps for the Fall and Spring

Returning Students - Those that have been employed through the FWS program before or those switching jobs may come to the Student Employment Office as early as first day of orientation to pick up the Referral ("Blue") Card.

New students - Those who have never had an FWS job at Florida Tech before may begin the required hiring paperwork as early as the first day of orientation.

  1. Complete W-4 and I-9 documents (Both forms are available in the "Forms" section on the right side of the page) If you would like you may drop off your I-9 and W-4 with Career Management Services. (Make sure to bring the documents from step 3)
  2. Read FWS Student Handbook and FAQs (see links below)
  3. Bring completed documents to Career Management Services along with the necessary ORIGINAL identification documents as listed on the 3rd page of the I-9 document. Examples of Acceptable forms (See page 3 of I-9 document for complete list):
    • Passport
    • Driver's License AND Social Security Card
    • Driver's License AND Birth Certificate

      Note: All identification documents must be originals. no photocopies or faxes will be accepted. Please do not mail the documents in. We must obtain your completed documents and view your original identifications at the same time and in person.

  4. Obtain your referral card and begin your job search.

The Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program is a federally funded program providing students with part-time employment. Only students who are awarded FWS in their financial aid package are eligible for this program. FWS awards are made by the Financial Aid Office based on need and dependent upon available funds. It is recommended that students complete and return their FAFSA form early so that they can be considered for FWS. The program has two options, On-Campus & Community Service.

On-Campus Federal Work-Study ($7.93/hour and up)

There are numerous on campus employment opportunities for eligible students. Some of these opportunities are major related while others are not. We cannot guarantee that all students will receive a major related FWS position. Students will need to interview for these positions just as they would with any other employment. There are a variety of job types and there are typically more positions available than there are students to fill them. Participating students may work up to 20 hours per week but typically work 5-10 hours per week depending on their class schedule. All on-campus work-study employees earn the Florida Minimum Wage. The Florida Minimum Wage is currently $7.93hour.

FWS Community Service ($9.00/hour)

The Community Service program provides off-campus, part-time employment to eligible students. These positions pay $9.00/hour and may be major-related. Students may work up to 20 hours per week. The work must be performed with an agency that is contracted with the Office of Student Employment.The following agencies had positions available last year:

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Florida
Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida
Brevard Art Museum
Brevard County - Environmentally Endangered Lands Program
Brevard Cultural Alliance
Brevard Zoo - Animal Care
Brevard Zoo - Education
Brevard Zoo - Kayak Tours
Club Esteem
Economic Development Commission of Florida's Space Coast
Florida Wildlife Hospital
Junior League of South Brevard
Marine Resources Council
Master's Workshop
Space Coast Early Intervention Center
University Park Elementary School

Required reading for participants