Federal Work Study

Please contact Kim Ryan at (321) 674-8846 or fws@fit.edu for questions concerning the Federal Work-Study Program.

What is Federal Work-Study?

Federal Work-Study is an employment program funded jointly by the federal government and either the university or an off-campus nonprofit-employer. FWS funds are paid directly to the student as earned. The funds may be used for a students incurred expenses, such as books, bills or social events, etc. To be considered for FWS, students must indicate that they are interested in the program on their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). FWS awards are made by the Financial Aid Office to US citizens and permanent residents who qualify based on their FAFSA. Due to the numerous factors involved in the determination of awards, FWS cannot be guaranteed every year. Interested students are encouraged to complete their FAFSA and check their financial aid account to see if FWS has been awarded. Only students who are awarded FWS in their financial aid package are eligible for this program. The program provides part-time employment opportunities for eligible students and has two options, On-Campus & Community Service.

On-Campus Federal Work-Study ($8.05/hour and up)

There are numerous on-campus work-study employment opportunities for eligible students. Some of these opportunities are major related while others are not. We cannot guarantee that all students will receive a major related FWS position. Students will need to interview for these positions just as they would with any other employment. There are a variety of job types and there are typically more positions available than there are students to fill them. Participating students may work up to 20 hours per week but typically work 5-10 hours per week depending on their class schedule. All on-campus work-study employees earn no less than the Florida Minimum Wage. The Florida Minimum Wage is currently $8.05/hour.

FWS Community Service ($9.00/hour and up)

The Community Service program provides off-campus, part-time employment to eligible students. These positions pay $9.00/hour and may be major-related. Students may work up to 20 hours per week. The work must be performed with an agency that is contracted with Career Management Services. Keep in mind students in these positions will be responsible for transportation to their job site. The following agencies have positions available for the FA15-SP16 academic year:

Greater Melbourne Police Activities League

Rolling Readers

United Way - University Park Elementary School

New Incoming Student Process

♦ Accept your Award

  • Log into Access Florida Tech with your TRACKS account:          
  • Click on PAWS > Financial Aid > Award > Award for Aid Year 16-17 > Accept Federal Work Study Award

♦ Bring your ID

Come to Career Management Services Office to complete:  (MUST have 2 original IDs with you!)

  • W4
  • I-9  (Please see pg 9 for complete list of acceptable identification documents)
  • Direct Deposit (optional) 
  • FWS (Blue) Form

♦ Connect on Panther Career Link 

  • Register on Panther Career Link to search for open positions
  • Apply to job postings, remember to bring your Blue Form to the hiring supervisor to be signed

♦ Drop off Blue Form

  • Your signed FWS (blue) Form must be submitted to the Career Management Services office or sent to fws@fit.edu
  • You may not begin work until you receive your authorization e-mail!   

Students may begin searching for positions through Panther Career Link after receiving their FWS (Blue) Form from the Office of Career Management Services. Students will apply to the posted position according to the information listed in the How to Apply section of the job posting. Students must bring their Blue Form to the supervisor for the position which they are interviewing. The supervisor will complete the Blue Form when they hire a student. The completed Blue Form must be returned to the Office of Career Management Services (in person or to fws@fit.edu) before the hiring deadline for processing. The Office of Career Management Services will process the completed paperwork within 2-10 business days and send an email to the student with the date that they may begin working.

Required reading for participants