Distribution Lists

Want to send out a flyer in campus mail to all the staff - or maybe send out holiday greeting cards to the faculty?

The following table shows the number of copies required for circulation to the various campus distribution lists to assist you in determining the size of the print order you will need.


  A B C D E F G
Number of copies required: 14 30 60 94 558 280 1800
President (1) X X X X X    
Provost (1) X X X X X    
Vice Presidents (3) X X X X X    
Vice Provost, Associate Provost, (9)
   and Assistant Vice Presidents
X X X X X    
Deans (8)   X X X X    
Associate Deans (8)   X X X X    
Division Directors (4)     X X X    
Academic Department Heads (14)     X X X    
Program Chairs (9)     X X X    
Administrative Department Heads (38)       X X    
Employees Less Faculty (464)         X    
Faculty (280)           X  
Students (1800 Winter/Spring, 600 Summer)             X