Helpful Tips

Plan, Plan, Plan!

Planing is very important, at the Copy Center we want to help you accomblish your best. So, if you have questions on printing, need some advise on color selection, or are just intrested on what are cabalities are, call us, let us help you plan.

If you are printing a large project, let us know ahead of time. With our quick turn around times we can provide an estimated time of completion, no job is too large ot too small, let us help you suceed!

Graphic Formats/Scanning

If your work is going to contain graphics, be sure they are of good resolution (output measurement of an image, expressed in dots per inch - DPI) 300dpi minimum for digital printing. In most cases, a Jpeg (*.jpg) format is one of the smallest compressed files with the best resolution. Typically, Bitmap (*.bmp) and CompuServe GIF (*.gif) creates a very poor quality print.  Saving as a high quality PDF is always a safe alternative.

Digital Graphic Size

The actual size of the digital graphic can be either decreased or increased to a certain level. Typically, a graphic can be enlarged or reduced to 75% to 150% of its size with little change in the printed quality. Especially in enlargements, the image is likely to lose detail, have some jagged edges, or appear to be posterized with rough graduations in tone and poor contrast.

Hard-Copy Graphic Size

The color graphic printer has the capability to reduce or enlarge a graphic, including photos, from 20% to 400% with little deterioration in quality. The hard copy can be up to 11" x 17" in size.

Poster Presentations

In Microsoft PowerPoint, many background colors and pre-formatted layouts are available. The "rule of thumb" is that for the best looking projected presentations, use a light background with dark text. Make sure the font you use is very legible (script type fonts are very difficult to see when enlarged). Make sure to design your page size accordingly as minimal resizing is available once received at the Copy Center (even proportions only). Many special formats are available, if you are a student see your instructor or professor for these details.


At the Copy Center we have over a 1,000 fonts currently available on our PC systems but if the font you used is not available, our system automatically substitutes a font. Sometime this substitution will change the complete formatting of your document. We do recommend that if you use a non-typical font, you can load the font on disk and bring it to our facility. We will then load it on our PC for your use. Also, our systems are PostScript Level 2 compliant, thus we do not recommend the use of True Type Fonts due to potential difficulty in printing properly.