Graphic Identity Policy

Additional Information

EmbroideryOfficial Embroidered Apparel

Following the illustrations at right, these designs are approved for use by colleges, departments or offices on items like polo shirts. The official artwork must be used (without any modifications) and should have the college, department or office name below.

Student Event Marks

To avoid being perceived as an official university logo, student event logos should represent their affiliation with the university by using the words “at Florida Tech” within, or directly below, the graphic design for the event.

The official wordmarks for either Florida Institute of Technology, or Florida Tech, may be used elsewhere on the item (on a sleeve of a t-shirt, for example).

Individual Unit Artwork

Campus units, such as specialized laboratories, may use individual unit artwork as illustration, but individual unit art is never used in place of the official university signature or the sub-unit logo.

Trademark Information

The name, marks and image of Florida Institute of Technology cannot be used to imply or suggest endorsement of any product or service not provided by the university. The university’s signature, seal and other marks are registered and protected by law.

Individuals and organizations outside the university who wish to use any of the official marks must first obtain written permission for use by contacting the Office of Marketing and Communications at (321) 984-2974.

A trademark licensing program gives the university control over its logos and marks, thus ensuring the quality and consistency of all uses and merchandise. Anyone wishing to use the signatures, logos and symbols of the university must first obtain written permission for use by contacting the Office of Business and Retail Operations at (321) 674-7707.

A Note About Co-Branding

Co-branding occurs whenever any of the Florida Institute of Technology logos are used by authorized second parties in combination with their own logos or trademarks for the purpose of establishing a relationship between their organization and our campaign identities. This “sharing of the brand” can also occur when one or more departments on campus wish to place our logo with another organization’s logo.

In using our logos in co-branding any second-party materials, the same rules generally apply as shown earlier in this guide as to correct proportions, colors, backgrounds, area of isolation around our logos and minimum size requirements. In all instances, materials should be approved by the Office of Marketing and Communications prior to production. Users must follow the usage policy stated earlier in this guide.

Program Growth

No document can anticipate all possible circumstances and situations that may arise involving use of the university logo. The Graphic Identity Program exists to provide a long-term benefit to the university and the many elements that make up the university. To that end, we will evaluate and, if necessary, expand and revise the content and scope of the Graphic Identity Program periodically. If you have questions, concerns, comments or suggestions, please feel free to address them to the Office of Creative Services.

In-house Design and Production Services

Creative Services, an office within Marketing and Communications, ensures that all university publications and other media, such as advertising, displays and banners meet the university’s visual standards and editorial style.

The professional staff in Creative Services will assist you with your project needs, no matter how large or small. The staff’s broad knowledge of the university and expertise in all types of graphic design and copywriting provide you the best option for getting your job done.

Graphic design, copywriting and project consulting services are offered at no cost to the requesting department/office.

Printing is always paid for by the sponsoring department; however, our staff also coordinates the estimate request with the Office of Purchasing, to obtain the bestpriced and highest-quality printing services through competitive bidding for jobs produced by outside vendors.

For more information on working with Creative Services, or to submit a job via the online Service Request Form, please visit

Writing Guidelines

Another key component in presenting a clear and consistent identity is through our writing style. Therefore, we have compiled a Writing Style Guide for use when writing for any formal communication vehicle. It is based on the Associated Press Stylebook, with specific details relevant to our institution. It is intended to be a helpful resource but cannot begin to address every nuance of the English language. Much like the language, the Writing Style Guide will continue to evolve as new words, communication needs and applications present themselves. You may access the guide online at: