Hazardous Waste Management

Request a Waste PickupAccording to the EPA, solid waste is discarded material in any physical state that is generated by industrial, commercial, or academic and research activities. For a material to be defined as a hazardous waste it must have hazardous qualities as defined below:

  1. Waste exhibiting hazardous characteristics (40 CFR 261.30-5)
    • Ignitability
    • Hazardous Waste Management
    • Corrosivity
    • Reactivity
    • Toxicity
  2. Waste that is on a list (40 CFR 261.30-5)
    • F-listed wastes or wastes that are not from a specific industrial or manufacturing process.
    • K-listed wastes or wastes that are from specific industries or processes, and therefore are source specific.
    • P-Listed (H) wastes or wastes that are considers “acutely hazardous” when discarded.
    • U-Listed (T) wastes. P-Listed and U-listed wastes apply to commercial chemical products that are considered hazardous when discarded.

The Florida Tech Environmental and Regulatory Compliance Office is responsible for ensuring that lab workers have the appropriate containers to dispose of various kinds of Hazardous Waste. We offer containers for solid and liquid waste that comply with DOT regulations. Our staff will pick up and replace any full containers as well as empty chemical containers for disposal.

If you have any questions about the appropriate disposal method of a waste please contact the ERC at hazwaste@fit.edu