Dorfeld, Natalie

Assistant Professor of English
Arts and Communication, School of

Personal Overview

Dr. Natalie M. Dorfeld was born and raised in Greenville, Pennsylvania, home of the parachute.

In her free time, she enjoys anything and everything involving a blatant disregard for personal safety, such as skydiving, petting sharks, and training for marathons / Ironman competitions.

She resides in Palm Bay with her wonderful husband, a plethora of cats, and a Heinz 57 mutt.

Educational Background

Ph.D., English / Composition & TESOL, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2007

M.A., English, Slippery Rock University, 2002

B.S., English / Writing, Slippery Rock University, 1998

B.A., Philosophy, Slippery Rock University, 1998

Current Courses

ASC 1000 / University Experience

COM 1000 / First Year Writing

COM 1101 / Composition & Rhetoric

COM 1102 / Writing About Literature

COM 2224 / Business and Professional Writing

COM 2370 / Speech

COM 3210 and 5530 / Editing

HUM 3285 / Environmental Literature

Professional Experience

Dr. Natalie M. Dorfeld is currently an Assistant Professor of English in the School of Arts and Communication at the Florida Institute of Technology. 

She has taught American literature, creative writing, business writing, public speaking, and ESL classes at Thiel College and Penn State University (Shenango).

Additionally, she works as a freelance writer for Salem Press and serves as an advisory board member for Wadsworth Publishing and Pearson / Allyn & Bacon Publishing.

Additional Duties

Volunteer, Writers’ Den

Member, Wellness Committee

Advanced Placement Reader, ETS

Committee Member, Creative Writing Institute

Advisor, Fencing Club, Rotaract Club, and Sigma Tau Gamma

Volunteer, Therapy Dogs Incorporated / Scott Center for Autism Treatment

Current Research

Dr. Natalie M. Dorfeld is gleefully dismembering her doctoral dissertation -- Broke, Bohemian, and Burned Out: An In-Depth Analysis of the Adjunct Lifestyle – into bite-sized book chapters. The research focuses on the growing, and often detrimental, reliance on adjunct professors in the humanities, composition studies in particular.

In addition to contingent labor issues, her interests include ESL pedagogies, Writing Center theory, and the implementation of electronic media in the classroom.

She also dabbles in poetry, which is often sarcastic and dark, much like her soul.

Selected Publications

Curriculum vitae available upon request.