Nesnas, Nasri

Associate Professor

Educational Background

B.S. Manhattan college 1994
M.A. Columbia University 1995
M.Phil. Columbia University 1998
Ph.D. Columbia University 1999

Professional Experience

Associate Professor of Chemistry, Florida Institute of Technology, 2008-Present
Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Florida Institute of Technology, 2002-2008

Postdoctoral Fellow, Columbia University 1999-2002

Current Research

CURRENT RESEARCH AREAS (last updated September 2012)

1) The Chemistry of Vision and light absorbing molecules
2) Catalysis of organic reaction leading to visual pigments
3) Synthesis of Fish Pheromones and understanding such chemical signals
4) Developing novel types of neurotransmitters
5) Biodiesel research and developing rapid techniques for the identification of efficient fuels using DART Mass spec techniques
6) Microencapsulation techniques for various space applications (with NASA).
7) Drug delivery techniques across the blood brain barrier for effective therapeutic and preventative measures
8) Isolation and characterization of biologically active molecules in exotic African plants
9) Using Mass Spec in unusual ways 

Selected Publications

Please see the complete list on my webpage (on the left).