Wood, Stephen

Ocean Engineering Program Chair
Marine and Environmental Systems

Educational Background

BS University of Rhode Island 1983
MS University of Miami, Florida 1987
Ph.D Oregon State University 1995

Recognition & Awards

Professional Engineer

Professional Experience

Dr. Wood was educated as a mechanical engineer with specialization in mechanical engineering design. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in Mechanical Engineering (PE #58815).

After completing his master’s degree in ocean engineering at the University of Miami RSMAS, where he developed an “Architecture of an Expert System for Oceanographic Mooring Design,” he worked as a Marine Research Specialist III at the University of Rhode Island in physical oceanography. At URI he facilitated in the deployment and retrieval of deep-sea moorings, and processed inverted echo sounder, current meter, pressure and acoustic-Doppler data.

He also worked for Hewlett Packard at the Palo Alto research laboratories where he investigated the plastic injection molding process throughout the HP Corporation for a future plastic injection-molding adviser.

Additionally, Dr. Wood lead a group for 3 years that programed the robotic software for Automatic Wet Processing Tools at Steag MicroTech in Pliezhausen, Germany.

Dr. Wood teaches Hydroacoustics, Ocean Engineering Design, Ocean Engineering System Design, Computer Applications in Ocean Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, and Underwater Robotics.

Current Research

• Bluefin AUV configuration and deployment in coastal areas of Florida

• Collaboration with SebaiCMET Inc. and Clean Green Enterprises Inc. to develop relaible, renewable ocean energy technologies to power Brevard County and other coastal communities throughout the world.

Selected Publications

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