Grants and Scholarships

Grants and ScholarshipsFinancial aid is typically awarded as a package that consists of scholarships, grants, loans and work. Award offers can only be made to students who are accepted for admission to the university. Priority is given to students who file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with the federal processor before March 15.

Undergraduate Admission scholarships

Special Awards for Florida State Residents (Florida State Aid)

Florida Tech Scholarships and Fellowships


     Featured Scholarships and Fellowships

The scholarships listed below have been vetted to meet our criteria and are offered by recognized professional associations, philanthropic organizations, civic organizations or government entities.  There are far too many commercial and non-commercial scholarship opportunities to list on this website.  Consequently, you may want to also check the scholarship search websites on Other Aid Resources.

Female Undergrad or Masters Student Enrolled for 2014-2015 (Women's Executive Council, Orlando)

Students Enrolled in a non-Nursing Program (Nurses Link)

Students Enrolled in a Qualified Nursing Program (Nurses Link)

Female Grads & Undergrads in studies related to Transportation (Women in Transportation (WTS), Central Florida Chapter. The 2013-2014 application period is closed; 2014-2015 applications are expected to open in August or September 2014.)

Minority Doctoral Applicants to Selected Florida Universities (Florida Education Fund)

Graduate Students in studies related to Stormwater Quality (Florida Stormwater Association Educational Foundation)

Graduate Student Ford Foundation Fellowships for 2015-2016 (Ford Foundation.  Applications are not yet available, but deadlines are expected to be during November 2014 based on the 2014-2015 criteria.)


    Scholarship Search Websites

To expand your search for financial sources, check the scholarship search websites on Other Aid Resources.