Meal Plans

Campus Dining Services offers several meal plans to allow you to choose a plan that fits your lifestyle. Your meal plan gives you worry free access to campus food outlets, vending and other services.  Meal plan account information is encoded on your Campus ID Card giving you the freedom to use your meal plan whenever you choose.

Plan MealCredits per Week
(Panther Dining Only)
FlexCredit Cost per Semester
Unlimited Meal Credits 7 Days a Week
Unlimited Meal Credits 5 Days a Week 
Unlimited Lunch Credits 5 days a Week


Commuter A**
Unlimited Lunch Credits 5 Days a Week
  N/A $890
Commuter B**


*6% sales tax is collected only on the MealCredit portion of the plan.

Sales tax on the FlexCredit portion is collected at the point of sale when FlexCredit is redeemed.

** Commuter Meal Plan is for off-campus students only.

NOTE: FlexCredit will carry over between Fall Semester 2012 and Spring Semester 2013. FlexCredit has no residual cash value and all balances will be zeroed out at the end of Spring Semester 2013.

MealCredits & FlexCredits

Meal Plan Descriptions

MPA1 Unlimited 7 Day – This plan is great for students living on campus that will spend most of the weekend and holidays on campus.  The plan provides for unlimited entry into Panther Dining whenever it is open.  This plan also includes $150.00 in FlexCredit to allow you to purchase ala carte items in any dinning operation or card equipped vending machine.

MPA2 Unlimited 5 Day – this is the perfect plan for resident students that leave for the weekend and holidays or spend weekend off campus at the beach.  You get unlimited entry into Panther Dining Hall Monday through Friday to have full meals or snacks whenever we are open.  You also receive $350.00 in FlexCredit to supplement your plan.  FlexCredit is good at any Dining Location, the Panther Grocery Store and card equipped beverage and food vending machines.

MPU1 Unlimited Lunch – This plan provides upperclassmen with the flexibility to eat in Panther Dining Hall as many times as they wish Monday through Friday between 10:30 AM – 3:00 PM.; having a late breakfast coming back for lunch and stopping between meals for a snack.  The Plan is supplemented with $700.00 in FlexCredit to purchase dinner at a discounted rate whenever you wish or spend in any of our dining facilities.

MPU2 All FlexCredit – This plan is for upperclassmen and provides for $1,640.00 in FlexCredit to be used in any campus dining facility or card equipped beverage and food vending.  Panther Dining provides a discounted price for FlexCredit users for any meal.

MPG1 Commuter Unlimited Lunch – This plan is the same as U1 above but without the FlexCredit.

MPG2 Commuter All FlexCredit – This plan is the same as U2 above but includes $555.00 in FlexCredit.

Key Points for Meal Plans
  • MealCredits may only be used in Panther Dining Hall. No transfer or equivalency value is offered in other Dining Service operations.
  • Meal Plans are priced per semester. Plans begin with Lunch on the day residence halls open and end with Dinner on the day residence halls close.
  • Resident Freshman and Transfer Students with less than 24 credit hours may only choose the "A1 an A2" plans.
  • FlexCredit is a flexible access mechanism for your meal plan and has no redeemable cash value when your meal plan expires.
  • FlexCredit "rolls over" from Summer Term to Fall Term and Fall Term to Spring Term. Any balance left at the end of Spring is forfeited.