Graduate Council

Chair:  Dr. Michael Gallo, Associate Professor, Aeronautics

Ex Officio Members:

Dr. Semen Koksal, Dean of Graduate Programs 

Dr. Ugur Abdulla, Department Head, Mathematical Sciences

Dr. Richard Aronson, Department Head, Biological Sciences

Dr. Daniel Batcheldor, Department Head, Physics and Space Sciences

Dr. Annie Becker, Dean, College of Business

Dr. Ted Conway, Department Head, Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Martin Glicksman, Dean, College of Engineering

Dr. Hamid Hefazi, Department Head, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Dr. Mary Beth Kenkel, Dean, College of Psychology and Liberal Arts

Dr. Sam Kozaitis, Department Head, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Richard Newman, Department Head, Computer Science and Cybersecurity

Dr. Korhan Oyman, Dean, College of Aeronautics

Dr. Ashok Pandit, Department Head, Civil Engineering

Dr. Hamid Rassoul, Dean, College of Science

Dr. Muzaffar Shaikh, Department Head, Engineering Systems

Dr. Mary Sohn, Department Head, Chemistry

Dr. Robert Taylor, Head, School of Arts and Communication

Dr. Manolis Tomadakis, Department Head, Chemical Engineering

Dr. Thomas Waite, Department Head, Marine and Environmental Systems

Voting Members

College of Engineering

Dr. Georgios Anagnostopoulos, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Charles Bostater, Marine and Environmental Systems

Dr. Paul Jennings, Chemical Engineering

Dr. Mehmet Kaya, Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Jean-Paul Pinelli, Civil Engineering

Dr. Yahya Sharaf-Eldeen, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Dr. William Shoaff, Computer Sciences and Cybersecurity 

Dr. Barry Webster, Engineering Systems

College of Science

Dr. David Carroll, Biological Sciences

Dr. Jewgeni Dshalalow, Mathematical Sciences

Dr. Kastro Hamed, Education and Interdisciplinary Studies

Dr. Eric Perlman, Physics and Space Sciences

Dr. Andrew Knight, Chemistry

College of Psychology and Liberal Arts

Dr. Jose Martinez-Diaz, Behavior Analysis 

Dr. Lisa Steelman, Psychology  

Dr. Judith Strother, Arts and Communication

College of Aeronautics

Dr. Stephen Rice

College of Business

Dr. Alex Vamosi

Department of Extended Studies 

Dr. Theodore Richardson

Human-Centered Design Institute

Dr. Guy Boy

Dismissal Appeals

Dr. Jewgeni Dshalalow
Dr. Jose Martinez-Diaz
Dr. Jean-Paul Pinelli
Dr. Stephen Rice
Dr. Theodore Richardson
Dr. Alex Vamosi


Dr. David Carroll
Dr. Paul Jennings
Dr. Stephen Rice
Dr. Theodore Richardson
Dr. Lisa Steelman
Dr. Alex Vamosi

Graduate Faculty Review

Dr. David Carroll
Dr. William Shoaff
Dr. Alex Vamosi 


Graduate Graduate Council Calendar - 2015/2017

 Graduate Council Calendar 2015-2017

2015/2016 Council Meeting Dates and Deadlines

  Meeting Date 1:00 PM on: Material must be received in OGP by:
2015 Thursday, September 17

Thursday, September  3

Thursday, October 15 Thursday, October 1
Thursday, November 19  

Thursday, November 5
Note:  Deadline for changes to 2016-2017 academic year catalog 

2016 Thursday, January  21 Thursday, January  7
Thursday, February  18 Thursday, February 4
Thursday, March 24 Thursday, March 3
Thursday, April 21  Thursday, April  7