Holzer Health Center Eligibility

Office visits are free to all registered matriculating Florida Tech students regardless of insurance. Additional charges may be incurred for labs or procedures. General physical examinations and well women exams are referred to outside providers during fall and spring semesters. These services are available during the summer semester and will be charged to your health insurance.

Staff, Faculty and their families (over age 12), Non-matriculated Students (individuals using Florida Tech facilities and have an ID card but are not Florida Tech students, registered for classes or degree seeking) ELS (English Language Services), Pilot Training College, Florida Tech Aviation, Visiting Scholars and summer program attendees over age 12 are eligible for services utilizing your private insurance, required co-pay will be collected.

Urgent care visits for those without insurance or Out of Country insurance- $50.00 for a Level 2 visit. (Lab or X-ray are seperate charges If required,) 

Family Care

Registered students’ family members over the age of 18 of are eligible for urgent care services. Their copay will be collected and insurance charged. If out of country or no insurance, a visit fee of $50.00 is charged for a Level 2 visit. Level 3 and 4 are referred to local urgent cares or emergency rooms.