Holzer Health Center Help

We are associated with the medical group - Omni Health Care - which operates an Urgent Care Center in Melbourne.

After Hours:

For an illness that can't wait until the next business day, please do the following:

  1. Call 321.723.9411
  2. An answering machine will pick up.
  3. Press "0" at anytime during the message.
  4. Wait for the operator to pick up.
  5. Tell the operator you are a Florida Tech student - you are a patient of OMNI Healthcare.
  6. Tell the operator you wish to speak to the Doctor on call - this is a service provided to you through Florida Tech. Give the number you can be reached within the next hour.
  7. Do not leave the phone unattended.
  8. When the doctor calls identify yourself, the patient and the problem. He or she will give you directions on medications or - if they feel it is serious enough - to go to the hospital emergency room.
  9. FYI - Two 24 hour pharmacies are available: CVS Pharmacy--corner of 192 and Babcock (321)409-3941--and Walgreen's on Malabar Road is open 24 hours, phone: 321-956-9626. Security can assist in picking up medications.
  10. Please inform the Health Center on the next business day of the illness and current disposition.

Local after hour walk-in clinics

This list contains the names and addresses of nearby Urgent Care Centers. Your copay and costs will be much lower going to an In network provider. Please call them in advance to ensure they accept your insurance and are in network providers.  See the yellow pages for other Local urgent care centers for their hours of operation and insurance requirements.

Local Primary Care Providers (These providers are familiar with Student Health Insurance but you are not limited to these choices, see your  Student Health Insurance Brochure for more information and how to locate an extended list.)


No referrals are necessary with the student health insurance, but the Student Health Center will be happy to assist you in making an appointment.  If you have the Student Health Insurance, be sure to fill out a CLAIM FORM for every insurance claim made.

If you receive a referral or follow up appointment from the hospital please make sure that this provider accepts your insurance. The hospital makes referrals regardless of your insurance network providers. Any questions or need assistance, please come to the Student Health Center.