Women's Health

Womens Health Examinations

The Affordable Care Act requires that all insurance companies cover the cost of Well Woman Screening, Examination and PAP smear at 100% of the charges. If you have elected the Student Health Insurance, you can make an appointment with any provider in the First Health Network for your examination without need of a referral from the Sudent Health Center. If desired, the Nurse Practitioner in the Health Center will be happy to discuss your concerns and individual health needs and assist you with appointments to local providers or provide needed services.

The Affordable Care Act also requires that all insurance companies cover the cost of HPV Vaccination at 100% of the charges. Gardisil is available at the Student Health Center, no appointment necessary.

Under age 21, family planning services (birth control prescriptions) may be obtained at the Health Center without a gynecology examination or PAP smear. All women are recommended to have a pelvic examination at age 21 and every 2-3 years thereafter unless diagnosed with an abnormal pap smear. Womens health exams are available at the health center by appointment or at any local gynecologist within their insurance network.

If you do not have inurance you can make an appointment at the Brevard County Health Department who offers a sliding scale for payment. Call 637-7300.

Please call or email healthcenter@fit.edu for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTION (Plan B) is available at the Student Health Center without a prescription or consultation for a charge of $20.00. A private consultation is highly advised to determine your long term family planning needs. Please see the complete list of Over the Counter medications.

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