Housing Rates

Housing Information

Housing contracts are for the academic year. Contracts may not be canceled unless the student withdraws or does not enroll at the university. All freshmen and sophomores are required to live on campus. Transfer credits do not impact the residency requirement. 

Per Semester/Per Occupant

Residence Halls
Single occupant with private bathroom (Brownlie, Evans, Quad) $3,870
Single occupant with semi-private bathroom (Evans) $3,795
Single occupant with shared bathroom (Quad) $3,355
Double occupant with semi-private bathroom (Brownlie, Evans) $3,465
Double occupant with shared bathroom (Quad, Roberts) $2,730
Columbia Village $3,755
Harris Village Suites
One-bedroom suites $4,775
Two-bedroom suites $4,370
Four-bedroom suites $4,000
Mary Star of the Sea – Newman Hall
One-bedroom apartment $4,910
Two-bedroom apartment $4,135
Four-bedroom apartment $3,760
Panther Bay Village Apartments (available to Greek Life students only) $4,200
Southgate Village Apartments
Single occupant studio apartment $4,070
Single occupant one-bedroom apartment  $4,325
Double occupant two-bedroom apartment $4,000
Triple occupant three-bedroom apartment $4,000

Housing space is limited. The university makes every effort to accommodate your room or apartment request but cannot guarantee your choice.