Notary Publics for Florida Tech

Lisa Campbell
Learning Materials Coordinator
Online Learning
Bldg. 971RIV, Rm. 126
(321) 674-8209
Sybil Chancellor
Administrative Assistant II
Military Science
Bldg. 540MIL, Rm. 114
(321) 674-8094
Lisa DuBenion
Administrative Assistant II
Marine and Environmental Systems
Bldg. 424LNK, Rm. 102
(321) 674-7344
Leslie Funck
Financial Management Coordinator
Business & Retail Operations
Bldg. 710FTC, Rm. 119
(321) 674-8965
Lisa Gill
Program Advisor
Online Learning
Bldg. 971RIV, Rm 155
Gwendolyn Harris
Public Services Specialist II
Evans Library
Bldg. 428EVL, Rm. 112
(321) 674-7530  

Cheryl LeBlanc
Manager of Facilities 
Facilities Operations
Bldg. 540MIL, Rm. 117
(321) 674-8049
Janine McCray
Administrative Assistant III
College of Psychology and Liberal Arts
Bldg. 710FTC, Rm. 207
(321) 674-8142
Pam Pedersen
Manager of Production and Projects
Bldg. 410GLE Rm: 128
(321) 674-7401
Dr. Matthew Ruane
Assistant Professor
School of Arts and Communication 
Bldg. 420CRF, Rm. 625
(321) 674-8797
Dolores (Dory) Sigman
Administrative Assistant III
Financial Affairs
Bldg. 401QAD, Rm. 112
(321) 674-7297 
Angela A. Taylor
Director of Enabling Infrastructure
Evans Library
Bldg: 428EVL, Room: 104