Welcome to Florida Tech's Internationalizing the Campus Committee website!

Did you know?

  • International students enrolled on the Melbourne campus as of Fall 2014 is 2,134. Of these students, 542 are female and 1592 are male.
  • The Florida Tech majors with the largest representation from the total international student enrollment are mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, aerospace engineering and civil engineering.
  • There are 1100 undergraduate international students currently enrolled. Of the total, 430 are freshmen, 218 are sophomores, 179 are juniors and  273 are seniors .
  • International students who were enrolled in 2014 came from 119 countries, the most in the last 10 years.

Why Internationalize?

  • Greatest challenges of today are global, e.g. sustainability, war and terrorism, the economy, cyber crime and no one country can solve them
  • As businesses go global, they need a workforce who thinks globally and is prepared to work across cultures and countries
  • Students need to be equipped to function in the global context
  • U.S. institutions need to continue to draw globally mobile students to remain competitive, especially as global comparisons and ranking exert more influence.

The purpose of the ICC is to review, monitor, and enhance internalization efforts on the Florida Tech campus. The ICC will propose and implement additional activities that would lead to greater internationalization in the academic and co-curricular offerings, and further the cross-cultural competence of students, faculty, and staff.