Internationalizing Campus Committee

Committe Members of ICC Fall 2010

Pictured Above: (from left to right) Samuel Doss, Judith Brooke, Hamid Rassoul, Mary Beth Kenkel, Wes Sumner, Jennifer Zych, Clifford Bragdon, Ali Faisal


As a result of a recommendation made during the President’s Retreat of 2009, Executive Vice President McCay has formed an Internationalizing the Campus Task Force.  The current committee is made up of:

 Mary Beth Kenkel, PhD, CoPLA, Chairperson

Clifford Bragdon, PhD, Strategic Initiatives

Judith Brooke, ISSS/Enrollment Management

Samuel Doss, PhD, CoB

Ali Faisal, Development

William Gabrenya, PhD, CoPLA

Korhan Oyman, PhD, CoA

Hamid Rassoul, PhD, CoS

Muzzaffar Shaikh, PhD, CoE

Wes Sumner, University Communication

Jennifer Zych, Committee Saff Assistant

2009-2010 Members: Randy Alford, PhD, International Academic Programs and Carolyn Fausnaugh, PhD, CoB

The goal of the committee is to take a comprehensive inventory to determine what the university is currently doing to internationalize our campus.  Once this is accomplished, the committee will identify additional objectives that are realistic, attainable, financially feasible, and decide how to achieve them.   A final report of recommendations was submitted to Executive Vice President McCay Spring 2010.