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Finding Innovation in Your Talents and Passions

Presentation by Dr. Bob Keimer

May 15 @ Foosaner Auditorium

Innovation is no longer optional and is critical for businessess and individuals. In today's hypercompetitive global marketplace, many longstanding, well-known, companies have vanished or a shadow of their former selves.

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Designing Drugs: A Rational Approach

Presentation by Dr. Tristan Fiedler

May 29 @ FL Tech Commons

New medications are increasingly discovered using molecular knowledge of the biological target. Structural biology at the atomic scale has allowed the invention of drugs that are optimized using a 3-D understanding of the culprit molecule.

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Weaving-Old and New: An Overview of History

Presentation by Kay Callaghan

June 12 @ Foosaner Auditorium

Beginning with the Ais Native Americans (about 7,000 BC) and the archeological findings of woven fabric found in the bogs in Melbourne, FL, we will look at the earliest types of fabrics and looms to the most recent tools, processes, and samples.

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Getting Dirty: Learning How Plants Communicate

Presentation by Dr. Andrew Palmer

June 26 @ FL Tech Commons

Plants have evolved mechanisms to detect potential pathogens, beneficial microorganisms, and prospective competitors. Explore these mechanisms and see how their discovery may alter our perception of plants as "social" organisms.

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Hurricane Season 2014: Are You Prepared?

Presentation by Dr. George Maul

July 10 @ Foosaner Auditorium

Tropical storms and hurricanes bring much-needed rainwater to Florida aquifers, but also destruction. Preparing for storms, storm structure, frequency, and predictability will be discussed along with safety recommendations and evacaution orders.

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Science, Technology and the American Narrative

Presentation by Dr. Debbie Lelekis

July 24 @ FL Tech Commons

Together we will explore how we can bridge the gap between the technical and the liberal arts.

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The World's Most Hilarious Man: Aristophanes

Presentation by Dr. Chris Frongillo

August 7 @ Foosaner Auditorium

Aristophanes' extravagant power of invention and unsuprassed comic vitality make him one of the most brilliant palywrights of ancient Greece.

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Does the Indian River Lagoon Need Weightwatcher®?

Presentation by Dr. John Windsor

August 21 @ Foosaner Auditorium

Actions to reduce overfeeding the lagoon with nutrients should and must be taken now.

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