Florida Tech Orientation

Meet the Orientation Team!

Orientation Central Staff

What is Central Staff?  Central Staff consists of the Director of Orientation and the Orientation Team Leaders that work underneath her.  The four Orientation Team Leaders are responsible to developing, planning and designing everything for the Fall Orientation program.  The five work hard through the summer to plan YOUR Orientation! 

Panther Prep Leaders

What is a Panther Prep Leader or PPL?  A PPL is a member of the Orientation Team who helps new students transition into Florida Tech.  As a new student you will have daily meetings with your PPLs, participate in color wars as a team, and just have fun!


What is a Diplomat?  A Diplomat is a member of the Orientation Team who helps new international students transition into Florida Tech and the US.  As a new international student the diplomats will be there to answer any questions you may have, participate in all the fun activities together and just make you comfortable in your new home.