Associate of Science
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Associate of Science in Computer Information Systems

The Associate of Science in Computer Information Systems (CIS) degree program offers a broad base of technical knowledge combined with a strong liberal arts foundation. The CIS program gives the student an introduction to CIS concepts and practices including systems analysis, programming and electronic commerce. Students apply critical thinking methods in identifying and solving problems related to the field of study.

ASC 1006 Mastering eLearning 1
CIS 1140 Business Computer Skills (CL) 3
Choose CIS 1501 and CIS 2501, or CIS 1502 and 2502 6
CIS 1501 Introduction to Visual Basic
CIS 1502 Programming in Java
CIS 2501 Advanced Visual Basics
CIS 2502 Programming in C++
CIS 2304 Survey of Software Systems 3
CIS 3318 Electronic Commerce 3
CIS 3512 Systems Analysis and Design 3
COM 1101 Composition and Rhetoric 3
COM 1102 Writing About Literature 3
EDS 1021 General Physical Science 3
EDS 1022 General Biological Science 3
EEC 2303 Introduction to Macroeconomics 3
EMK 3601 Principles of Marketing 3
HUM 2051 Civilization 1 3
MTH 1051 Introductory Discrete Mathematics 3
MTH 1701 College Algebra 3
   Humanities Core Course* 3
Humanities (choose one) 3
EHC 1103 Medical Ethics
HUM 1020 Art Appreciation
HUM 1021 Integrated Arts
HUM 1023 Philosophy of Human Nature
HUM 1024 Religions of the World 1: Western Religions
HUM 1025 Religions of the World 2: Eastern Religions (HU)
HUM 2226 Survey of World Literature 2 (HU)
Social Sciences (choose one) 3
PSY 1411 Introduction to Psychology (SS)
SOC 1101 Human Behavior Perspective (SS)
SOC 2551 Social Problems (SS)
Business Electives (choose two) 6
EAC 2211 Principles of Accounting 1
EAC 2212 Principles of Accounting 2
EBA 3321 Essential Business Skills
EEC 2304 Introduction to Microeconomics
ELA 2601 Law 1


*Humanities Core Courses
HUM 2052 Civilization 2: Renaissance Through Modern
HUM 2142 World Art History 2: Early Modern to Post-Colonial  
HUM 2212   British and American Literature 1  
HUM 2213 British and American Literature 2  
HUM 2331   American History: Pre-Columbian to Civil War Era  
HUM 2332   American History: From Reconstruction to the Present  

Not all humanities core courses are offered online or every term; check for current humanities core options.