Associate of Arts
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Associate of Arts in Marketing

The Associate of Arts in Marketing provides preparation for entry-level positions in marketing for a wide range of organizations and across many business environments. It includes basic instruction in the marketing of goods, services and ideas, advertising marketing and entrepreneurial marketing, as well as a broad knowledge of a range of business disciplines. It affords the opportunity to earn credit applicable to either the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration – Marketing or the Bachelor of Science in Marketing.    

ASC 1006 Mastering eLearning 1
BUS 1801 Global Business Perspectives 3
CIS 1130 PC Applications or CIS 1140 Business Computer Skills (CL) 3
COM 1101 Composition and Rhetoric or WRI 1001 First-Year Writing 2 3
COM 1102 Writing About Literature 3
COM 2224 Business and Professional Writing 3
EAC 2211 Principles of Accounting 1 3
EAC 2212 Principles of Accounting 2 3
EDS 1021 General Physical Science 3
EDS 1022 General Biological Science 3
EEC 2303 Introduction to Macroeconomics 3
EEC 2304 Introduction to Microeconomics 3
EMG 3301 Principles of Management 3
EMK 3601 Principles of Marketing 3
EMK 3320 Entrepreneurial Marketing 3
EMK 3607 Advertising Management 3
EST 2703 Statistics 3
HUM 2051 Civilization 1 3
MTH 1701 College Algebra 3
PSY 1411 Introduction to Psychology 3
   Humanities Core Course* 3


*Humanities Core Courses
HUM 2052 Civilization 2: Renaissance Through Modern
HUM 2142 World Art History 2: Early Modern to Post-Colonial  
HUM 2212   British and American Literature 1  
HUM 2213 British and American Literature 2  
HUM 2331   American History: Pre-Columbian to Civil War Era  
HUM 2332   American History: From Reconstruction to the Present

Not all humanities core courses are offered online or every term; check for current humanities core options.