Biology Minor

Main Campus - Melbourne
2016-2017 Catalog
Major Code: 6021 Degree Awarded: none
Delivery Mode(s): Classroom Age Restriction: No
Admission Status: Undergraduate Location(s): Main Campus - Melbourne
Curriculum (19-21 credit hours)
  • BIO 1010 Biological Discovery 1
    Credit Hours: 4
    The first of a two-semester sequence on the scientific approach to biology. Emphasizes the scientific method, analytical techniques, use of original source materials, ethical questions in biology, historical perspectives of the development of biological theory and profiles of prominent figures in biology.
  • BIO 1020 Biological Discovery 2
    Credit Hours: 4
    The second of a two-semester sequence on the scientific approach to biology. Continues an integrated approach to the study of the hierarchal structure and function of living systems, including the origin and history of life on Earth.
  • Restricted Electives*

*11-13 credit hours of BIO courses are required to complete the biology minor. The department offers many elective courses of either three or four credit hours each. Courses of four credit hours include a laboratory. At least one Restricted Elective must be a laboratory course (4 credit hour). The remaining 7-9 credit hours may consist of any combination of courses of three or four credit hours. Courses not allowed as electives include independent study, seminar and nonmajor biology courses.

Note: Biology and Chemistry minors are not available to Biochemistry majors. At least nine (9) credit hours of the minor must be taken at Florida Tech.