Florida Tech University Online

Human Resources Management Minor  

Florida Tech offers an online minor program in Human Resources Management. The student must be enrolled as a Florida Tech University Online student. The intent of the minor is to encourage and recognize focused study outside the student’s major. Therefore, no more than nine credit hours applied to the minor may be named courses in the major. At least nine credit hours of the minor must be taken at Florida Tech. A minor program GPA of at least 2.0 is required in order to receive recognition for the minor on the student’s diploma, and the minor is only awarded at the same time as the major. Additional restrictions may be placed on the minor.

The minor will be indicated on the student’s transcript and resulting diploma. Requests to pursue the minor will require approval by both the major and minor program chairs. The request for a minor must be made before filing the petition to graduate and must be indicated on the petition.  

EMG 3331 Management of Human Resources 3
EHR 3335 Selection and Placement 3
EHR 3340 Training and Development 3
EHR 3360 Compensation and Benefits 3
Electives (choose two) 6
ELA 2603 Administrative and Personnel Law
EMG 3328 Business Ethics
EMG 3398 Organization Theory
EMG 4412 Organizational Behavior and Development
PSF 4106 Crisis and Conflict Resolution
PSY 3441 Social Psychology