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Oceanography Minor

Minors in environmental science, meteorology and oceanography are offered through the marine and environmental systems department. A minor in sustainability is available through the Department of Education and Interdisciplinary Studies. A complete policy statement regarding minors can be found in the Academic Overview section of the university catalog. Information about current minor offerings is available through the individual colleges/departments.

OCN 1010 Oceanography 3
OCN 2602 Environmental Geology 3
OCN 3401 Physical Oceanography 3
OCN 3411 Physical Oceanography Lab 1
One or more of the following
OCN 3101 Biological Oceanography 3
OCN 3201 Marine and Environmental Chemistry 3
OCN 3301 Geological Oceanography 3
Remaining credit hours from the following
OCN 2407 Meteorology 3
OCN 3111 Biological Oceanography Lab 1
OCN 3211 Marine and Environmental Chemistry Lab 1
OCN 3311 Geological Oceanography Lab 1
OCN 3430 Fundamentals of Geophysical Fluids 3
OCN 4102 Marine and Estuarine Phytoplankton 3
OCN 4103 Marine and Estuarine Zooplankton 3
OCN 4104 Marine and Estuarine Benthos 3
OCN 4106 Mitigation and Restoration of Coastal Systems 3
OCN 4204 Marine and Environmental Pollution 3
OCN 4704 Remote Sensing for Oceanography 3


Note: All courses listed are three credit hours with the exception of lab courses, which are one credit hour.