History Minor

Main Campus - Melbourne
2016-2017 Catalog
Major Code: 6186 Degree Awarded: None
Delivery Mode(s): Classroom Age Restriction: No
Admission Status: Undergraduate Location(s): Main Campus - Melbourne
Curriculum (19 credit hours)
  • COM 2012 Research Sources and Systems
    Credit Hours: 1
    Acquaints students with a variety of library services, sources and systems. Emphasizes research strategies and tools useful in each student's field of study, as well as the use of print, Internet and other electronic resources.
  • HUM 2331 American History: Pre-Columbian to Civil War Era
    Credit Hours: 3
    Surveys some of the basic problems in U.S. history through the Civil War era. Emphasizes origins, social characteristics and competing cultural values of the people that formed the American nation.
  • HUM 2332 American History: From Reconstruction to the Present
    Credit Hours: 3
    Examines the major ideas, ideals and events that have determined the American experience in the 19th and 20th centuries.
  • HUM 3351 History of Science and Technology: Ancient and Medieval
    Credit Hours: 3
    Surveys the origins of science in antiquity and the Middle Ages. Includes development of mathematical, physical and biological thought in the ancient and medieval period, and the relationship between science, technology and religion.
  • HUM 3352 History of Science and Technology: Renaissance to Present
    Credit Hours: 3
    Surveys the principal developments in science, mathematics and technology from the Renaissance to the present. Includes scientific revolution, development of modern biology and the relationship between technology and science.
Six credit hours from the following:
  • HUM 1015 Mythology
    Credit Hours: 3
    Introduces classical, Norse and medieval mythology through the study of themes and narratives that emphasize the importance of mythical elements to the modern world.
    Must be enrolled in Florida Tech Online
  • HUM 2085 Critical Approaches to Humanities and Social Sciences
    Credit Hours: 3
    Examines issues in the humanities and the social sciences. Improves students' critical thinking and writing abilities. Topics announced before registration.
  • HUM 2141 World Art History 1: Pre-History to Early Global Awareness
    Credit Hours: 3
    Surveys world art history and methodology from pre-history to circa 1500. Emphasizes analyzing and understanding works of painting, sculpture, textiles and decorative arts in their respective historical and cultural contexts.
  • HUM 2480 Introduction to Political Science
    Credit Hours: 3
    Introduces students to the theories and concepts of political science. Emphasizes examining the interaction between ideas, values and institutions in contemporary U.S. political culture.
  • HUM 3333 American Military History
    Credit Hours: 3
    Studies American military from the Revolutionary War to the 21st century. Emphasizes the national military establishment and its relationship to society. Surveys major conflicts, the evolution of war strategies and weapons, the nature of combat and its impact, and changing attitudes and perceptions toward the armed forces and military service.
  • HUM 3343 World War II History in Film
    Credit Hours: 3
    Examines World War II through film. Focuses on the impact of war. Looks at how Hollywood, Europe and Asia treat political and economic concerns, as well as the recurring theme of warfare and its effect on human lives. Also discusses the role of political propaganda, governmental responses to the demands of war, and its economic effects.
  • HUM 3385 Special Topics in History
    Credit Hours: 3
    Offers an opportunity for in-depth analysis of a historical problem or event. Includes a wide range of possibilities. Topics announced before registration.
  • HUM 3521 World Religions
    Credit Hours: 3
    Introduces religion and examines the philosophy of religion. Religion is seen as humanity's attempt to grapple with the question of the meaning of life, the forms that religious perspectives have taken and the universal aspects of human existence.


*Research Sources and Systems is a one credit-hour course.