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Management Information Systems Minor

Minors in accounting, business administration, entrepreneurship, human resources management, management, and management information systems are offered through the Nathan M. Bisk College of Business. The intent of the minor is to encourage and recognize focused study outside the student's major. Therefore no more than nine credit hours of the minor may be named courses in the major and at least nine credit hours of the minor must be taken at Florida Tech. Additional restrictions may be placed on the minor. Requests to pursue the minor will require approval by both the major and minor program chairs.

The minor will be indicated on the student's transcript and resulting diploma. A minor program GPA of at least 2.0 is required in order to receive recognition for the minor on the student's diploma, and the minor is only awarded at the same time as the major. The request for a minor must be made before filing the petition to graduate and must be indicated on the petition.  

A complete policy statement regarding minors can be found under "Undergraduate Student Information" in the Academic Overview section  of the university catalog.

BUS 3501 Management Principles 3
BUS 3504 Management Information Systems 3
BUS 4502 Organizational Behavior 3
Three electives from the following: 9
BUS 3500 Human–Computer Interaction
BUS 3510 Advanced Business Computer Applications
BUS 3512 System Design and Development
BUS 3514 Introduction to Operating Systems and Networks for Business
BUS 4508 Web-based Technologies
BUS 4509 Management of Database Systems

Note: At least nine (9) credit hours used in a minor must be earned in the Nathan M. Bisk College of Business. No credit by exam may be used. Minors not available to Business Administration students.