Aquaculture Major

Bachelor of Science
Main Campus - Melbourne

Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences – Aquaculture

The Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences – Aquaculture seeks to educate students in unifying themes in biology, while encouraging them to expand their knowledge in more specialized subject areas. The department offers six undergraduate majors in which a student may specialize: aquaculture, conservation biology and ecology, general biology, marine biology, molecular biology and premedical biology. The curriculum for the aquaculture major is organized so that in the first two years students learn concepts fundamental to all biological sciences, and in the last two years students follow their own interests in selecting courses that are more specialized.

Aquaculture majors study the theory and practice of finfish and shellfish culture. Following a core curriculum of basic science and mathematics, students take specialized courses in culture techniques of salt and freshwater algae, crustaceans, finfish and molluscs.

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