Conservation Biology and Ecology Major

Bachelor of Science
Main Campus - Melbourne

Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences—Conservation Biology and Ecology

The Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences – Conservation Biology and Ecology seeks to educate students in unifying themes in biology, while encouraging them to expand their knowledge in more specialized subject areas. The department offers six undergraduate majors in which a student may specialize: aquaculture, conservation biology and ecology, general biology, marine biology, molecular biology and premedical biology. The conservation biology and ecology curriculum is organized so that in the first two years students learn concepts fundamental to all biological sciences, and in the last two years students follow their own interests in selecting courses that are more specialized.

The conservation biology and ecology major provides a well-rounded background in the science underlying conservation. Emphasis is placed on ecological principles and student-led experimental design and implementation. Ample opportunity for fieldwork exists locally and via a required summer field course in the Galapagos Islands, Jamaica, Florida, Puerto Rico, Peru, the Smoky Mountains or other location. Graduates are fully prepared for conservation-related employment or graduate studies in ecology.

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